Friday, June 8, 2012

Coded and Reloaded

An artists conception of the birth of star L1014.An artists conception of the birth of star L1014. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world isn't ready. It hasn't been.

The engines are running, this fire is still burning…

All that is to be, All that is within…

Is ready… cocked and loaded…

The words, the numbers are flowing

Time isn't stopping and the world isn't slowing

The dust moves, the flames grow

This passion, this obsession keeps on going

Growing and never knowing that it’s consuming


Nobody sees it… Everybody feels it… 

It starts as a thought, a feeling, a vision...

Of the possibilities contained within the object…

A stitch of time in the fabric of life

A spark that sets in motion

A destiny as bright as the midnight stars.

It grows until it outshines the surroundings…

A path of light coded and reloaded into the mix of life.

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

VEX WAR - Mindstorm

This is a re-post of an older blog. Just thought I'd bring it back for a bit.

Well I love robots. I really do. When I found out that I'd get the chance to be part of this tournament, I was just a little excited. With a diverse team of mechanical engineers, a two hour time limit, and some common sense we designed a simple strategy. We build it small, powerful, with a low center of gravity, and a brush guard. We'd just ram everyone and hope for the best. We named it Johnny Reb, as it was inspired off the principle of a pickup truck (to honor the great south's suburban terrorist) armed with tank tracks and a grille that Little John would be afraid off.

Johnny Reb - VEX Mindstorm LEGO Robot

Front         Side

Here are the video's of my battles.

As you can see, MadCat went on to be the champ. The tourney was a double elimination, so they won out after their loss to Johnny Reb and beat the team that beat me... Stole It.. Congrats to all the teams involved! It was so much fun, and has re-ignited my love for robotics all over again. MMA meets nerdness.. A perfect place for me!

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rocket Boy

Early morning view on November 9, 1967 of Pad ...Image via Wikipedia

I'm just a man with big dreams of innovation. Dreams of doing more than just sliding by. Like most this journey was started with a rocket strapped to my back and no destination in sight. The world seemed so big before I took flight. As I gained altitude and momentum, I began to realize that the world wasn't so large. As things kept gaining speed I never noticed when is started to fall. Falling back into reality.

As I continued to go, I continued to grow from a wonderlust boy to an expericend man. I got to see the stars and perilous rock bottom. The struggle to maintain altitude is more than just one's struggle to control one's attitude. It takes more than determination, education, and a solid foundation.

It takes experience to gain foresight. A wisdom learned through observation. Observation of those around you, not just from your own experiences. Seeing all options and applying all viewpoints before taking action.
It takes self control. Knowing what to say, when to say it, and when to be mute for the better good. To know when your wrong, admitting to it, and not gloating when you happen to be right. To do what is truly the right thing to do, not right for the wrong reasons or a quick fix made in haste.

It takes people. Like a space flight, a crew is needed to maintain and navigate the unknown. You must lean on others from time to time, return the favor, inspire to be inspired, and challenged to be better.

This seems to be about one person. Yourself. It takes time to realize that your trajectory is influenced by others. A game we all hate to admit to playing. To make anything, to be anybody you must realize you're not alone.

The boy that took flight years ago, is still there. Time, that constant companion, isn't always fair to one's ambitions. With that being said, the hourglass never runs out. It just needs to be turned back over.
We may lose sight of where we thought we were heading, but the trip isn't over. It's never to late to correct the course. To regain the heading, and eventually you'll reach your destination.

As Always... Knock Hard... Life Is Deaf...
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Balance In This Mess

Think about balanceImage via Wikipedia

Sorry the long absence. That really is the best I can offer you guys at this particular moment. I've been working long hours, often 6 days a week for the past couple of months. The only break has come in the form of last minute trips to see the family. Alas, I'm back. I've had the type to type of some quick thoughts on the phone though. Nothing extremely elaborate, but thoughts were relevant then and even now. 

This world has a unique sense of balance. You can find it everywhere, and in everything. I'm not talking about an object's specific symmetry, but more toward the totality that it posses. Depending upon your vantage point this could be hard to see. This becomes more compounded when viewed not on a micro scale, but from a macro scale, of everything in this beautiful mess we call life. Our dance is contained within our own microcosms. We must remember that no matter how large one becomes, we are still a speck in the fabric of the macrocosms we find ourselves within.

Your life is an epitome in the cannon of exsistance. A short span that has and will see the insanely beautiful, and often infuriating , balance that everything posses. What your story will say is ultimately up to you. Your actions will dictate your outcome. The obstacles you face have been and will continue to be hard. The people are just as divided, as they are united. Where there is unconditional love, there is uncompromising hate. Where you see overzealous joy, there is looming despair. For every feast there a famine. When there is rain, there will be draught. The hardest part of all this is understanding that time is constant. We may try to bend it, we may hope to stop it, but rest assured we can't halt it, we won't influence its pace.

This balance may not be clear at first. It may not be present at the specific time in which you search for it. Remember that for every action, there is a SEPARATE BUT EQUAL REACTION. Some call it karma. I call it balance.
Your life is really left to chance. A person defines there own destiny, in essence their own fate. If you continually wrong others, it will catch up to you. If you're overly giving, you will be stepped upon. I'd generate a long list of if you are this, then that scenarios but I think you get the point.

We all have our motives, our ways, and our own headings. We will not always agree. We won't always see the same things, live the same life, share similar views or find solace in the same place.

We share the same senses, the same planet, and the same set of emotions. We will experience things the same way. Our eyes will see destruction. We will taste humble pie. We will hear our shortcomings, and feel defeat. This is certain in your lifetime. On the same note we will see birth, hear praise, taste success, and feel love. This is a universal balance that all of mankind holds.

I know we all know this.... 

With that being said... How do we take the reigns back? We can all name the flaws this life holds. We know the rules to this game we are caught up in. Everyone either jockeys for position or decides to never leave the stables... We're still tied to the same track... It still goes in circles... 

Complaining... the staple...  the action that shows unrest... friction... it generates heat... but rest assured no real fire will burn... Why is this?

What keeps people bound to the playing field? Why do we decide to let life runs its course by merely falling into line? Because it's hard? Yeah... 

I'm not big on mediation or all that jazz... I don't believe in Corporate Zen... Corporate citizenship as a life model.... I don't think a namesake means anything if you've done nothing... What have you done to be any different?

When people accept all that is wrong... it becomes the only way... Thoughts are just ideas... Ideals are often wishful thinking... Life balances itself... Like the economy (in theory)... 

So big business, small business, job or career... we all make choices.. and are forced to live with it... The impact of one person's choice can lead to a revolution (Facebook and even Hitler)... A little Tea Party in Boston set in motion a revolution... but violence won't solve the all apparent yet claimed hidden truth... That greed is still at the bottom of it... Worldwide... It's human nature... So how do we jockey into position? How do we balance everything that we effect? The solution is very simple... It's you... road maps to life aren't available... sorry... it's very true...

What does it take to lead a nation? Do you know of someone that could fit the bill? Is a namesake all that it takes? Is it money, power, and public service? Isn't it funny how those are grouped together? The real problem is special interest however.... every nation is touched by this... they all chose... It provides a band-aid of sorts.. 

Sorry... way off base there... it does show that we will all have different views... and still it will most likely still end up the same...

Balance.... Energy grid shrinking... Nuclear unrest... Demand grows...

Balance.... A buck loses power... Inflation soars... Credit means nothing... 

Balance.... Governments fold.... Fighting outbreaks... Crime soars....

Balance.... Specialist are required.... Aging workforce... Retirement age increases....

Balance.... Beliefs.... Duties.... Necessity...

So many things to balance... checkbook... diet... work and home... opinions...

Life isn't easy... It takes hard work to make it... to achieve anything that seems like acceptable hegemony. I just hope that other people start to realize that decisions must be made out of necessity... that doesn't necessarily serve a special interest... but people as a whole. And lastly, not to give up on what they want to do... dreams must be kept alive... innovation has become a corporate trend.. What a novel idea... 

Again, sorry for the rants... It's been awhile...

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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Monday, April 18, 2011

On The Outside, Looking In

Flames 1Image via Wikipedia

I've been struggling lately. I’ve battled self-doubt, frustration, restlessness, conformity, the loss of ambition, and even pondered if I should just give in and give up. I’ve grown weary of trying to reason why. The fire still burns bright, but the flames have grown angry. They have grown restless and are tired of battling for new life. This journey has gone off course. The sky seems farther away now, more than ever before. Unlike the end of the sky, where the stars shine their light, this tunnel only grows darker the farther down it I go. I no longer pretend to light the way. I’ve started to go blind. I’ve let the self-doubt, this situation, creep in. It has set up shop, growing roots that seem to feed off of my once proud ambitions.

On this shelf of life you can find my book. The critics have used the word “potential” to describe the story in general. They often discard everything I’ve done so far. The foreword that once was considered intriguing is nothing more than an obituary of a former life. It appears that a once proud boy has become nothing more than an overlooked, faceless man. A man condemned to the turmoil of mediocrity and armed with enough potential to warrant more work with promises of nothing more than slipping farther into obscurity.

There are several pages still to be written. The ending is still unknown. The chapters are getting shorter, the storyline has gotten bland. This is unnerving as the conflict is dull and no change seems to be within sight. This will not be the way my book will be remembered. I will not, cannot allow “them” to win. Life, fate, dreams, and all other motivating factors shall collide in due time.

You can’t beat me. I can only beat myself.

Try as things must, they will still never win. It’s always been an uphill battle. The potential (I hate that word) is just a way of trying to bottle someone. It is a term that means you don’t fit their idea of who you should be. The context is usually meant as a compliment, I know, but that doesn’t change the fact that I use it as fuel. I see it differently.

The current state of things (hell it probably has always been this way) make advancing and doing the right thing two completely different ideas. There seems to be a mold you must fit. One must be willing to assimilate by accepting their demise. Ha, right.

Now what I’ve written above is so, so true. I am growing very weary of this current state of things. I have grown tired of walking in the dark. The senses have started to dull. The blindness would usually bring on a heightened sense of smell, but alas, this is not true. The sense of smell has started dilute from the stench of b/s that seems prevalent these days.

I hate the simple fact that intellectual, social, and economical caste still exist in the workplace and society. I cannot stand that those without passion in their fields of interest claim to be professionals! I find my disgusted by politics. They’re everywhere, in everything, and does nothing more than make people say what they “have” to and do what they would rather not do. I loathe that the sense of right and wrong comes with a disclaimer. Mankind’s self-centeredness will be our downfall. If it is inconvenient for someone, they will immediately oppose the notion rather than see it benefit the whole.  This me first, everyone else later mentality people hold these days has shown its face time and time again.

Look, life gives you lemons and then squeezes with all of its infinite might. It’s up to you to accept the peel or the juice. I’m grabbing a cup. I prefer lemonade of the hard type, but out of the two I’ll take the juice. You feel me?

Time and time again a person gets pushed to the brink. You get wore down, strained, stressed, and on the verge of breaking. But alas, dear friends, that will never happen. I’ll see the challenge and raise the bar. Does this make sense? Does it make senses to see the challenge and continue to slam your head into the wall? Isn’t that the most basic concept of insanity? Perhaps it is. Perhaps that is my end goal. I’ll see my dreams to the end. I’ll never stop seeking for whatever it is I’m looking for. We never truly know what it is, and we’ll know it when we find it. The methods may be different, but this still stands as a simple truth that we all stand on. I won’t give up, give in, or accept anything but success in my grand endeavor. I know I’m going to do something great. I hope you do too.

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…
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