Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Manic Style Delicious RSS Collaboration

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In a city that never sleeps, and a world that moves so fast, how do you keep on top of your trade? What sets you apart from the flock?

A great question has been posed for your pondering. Mull it over as I am left wondering how it is you do what you do. From social media sites, networking tools, interesting news sites, and clever know how articles the world is filled with diamonds in the rough that often stay hidden for all the wrong reasons. Shoot me an email, or leave a comment of some interesting sites for others to check out. The more content we get pulled together, the more we can collaborate on a smarter objective that focuses on our own individual successes.
Blogs, communities, sites, and their prospective rss feeds give each of us our own unique resource to gain inspiration, insight, knowledge, and whatever else fuels what you find interesting.  The headquarters site, the little known woodshed for my meager attempt at this idea, shows a very basic attempt at this. It is generalized of course. However rss feed readers are common things these days. Things such as Google reader are a prime example. Twitter is another example; however, I find it is often filled with self-promotion more than useful information. Blogs use rss feeds, just take a look at the left hand margin of this site for example. Now I must digress back to my point.

If you’re interest lie in art, music, engineering, stocks, business, real estate, law, automotive, entertainment, food, style, medical, or whatever it is… Please feel free to share some insight with me.  Even just a couple of basic websites you find helpful.  For those who would like to say this is a waste of time due to www.delicious.com/ you would be pseudo correct. Except the simple fact that many people still don’t use social bookmarking sites. Furthermore, social bookmarking takes a whole other level of commitment to find the specific information you want. So what to do, what to do?

Well to make it easier, I’ll make one. I need your help though.  I mean I’ll do it on my own if I must… but to be honest the world has so much information, so many hidden gems. Share the wealth of knowledge.  I hear it’s… oh wow... I’m going to say this… delicious...

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf… 
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quick Update

So today I've decided to update the headquarters site. Updates on at the headquarters site include a new look, updated radars, and the Manic Genius Syndrome can be found there. The blog has a new addition, and a social media experiment update part 1. 

Radar Updates: 

Radar C - Top News Covering Stocks and Legal News
*** Have added Corporate Counsel and LegalWeek

Radar D - Men and Women Geared Topics
*** Have added Esquire

The Syndrome:

The blog can now be accessed from the headquarters! It's fully functional just like it is from here!


I've finally put up something on the resources page. I know it's nothing lavish. Simple links to some interesting material. Circuit talk and a small business gem. One day I'll expand, but to be honest, I have no idea what I need to throw up there right now.

Other News:

In other news, I've attempted to expand the social networking aspect of the site through small outlets. They all seem very small right now, and I really don't understand how it can actually bring anything of use. I've networked the blog, started a twitter account so far..  

With twitter and other social media bumps, I'm starting to realize that the manic genius syndrome and affiliated sites are really more fun when I just sit back and do what I want. But like the show dirty jobs, it would be awesome to find out what people would like to discuss. As a manic ranter though, I guess it works better this way. Who knows...

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sit and Ponder

Sitting idly while everything races in your mind, you know this feeling. When you can’t sleep because of all the scenarios are churning in your mind. You keep pressing for the answer, for the key to it all. It consumes you, if only for a moment or so, and if you navigate it correctly you may find it. I’m no stranger to this. It’s a daily reality with me. To be honest, I love it.

I’m curious to what you gained from that video. I know that everyone will have their own takeaway. To me it simply personifies the struggle on the mind. It reinforces that notion that if one is completely consumed, you may find yourself off the grid and engulfed in your own world. Is that really a bad thing? So tell me what you got out of this? How do you relate to the song, not just the video?

In my opinion this is what makes music great. It’s not always the lyrics, but the emotions and thoughts that spin just from the music itself. As a thinker, writer, etc. I love the lyrical content of music. But as a self-expressionist I love instrumental music as well. It actually helps fuel most of writing. Honestly, music fuels ALL of my writing as a whole. What fuels you dear reader?

There are several elements that make up a person’s overall characteristics. Some are hard to see from the outside. But I believe that understanding yourself is the key to all of this, to everything. I sit atop my soapbox peering into the box wondering what fuels everyone else. We all are so different, yet the basic human element tends to be there. Our interpretations of everything are what divide us. Each little sect of the human race chases after something, no one is truly the same, and within those sects are even more paths and defining characteristics. The ego and id battle are still at play. Yet people still search for who they are, throughout their entire lives. Never knowing, never showing where they are actually going. A controlled free fall with only the stability factors we chose. One of my keystones is music. It is an anchor of who I am, it fuels me, it controls my tempo and thought processes. Are you really any different?

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf… 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Resonate Article 1 – The Fall of Music Television and the Rise of Resonate

As many of you know, the days of music on TV are coming to an end. What once housed the music of an entire generation has been turned into a series of reality-based television shows. Although you can enjoy these shows to your heart’s content, the music has all but come and gone. Every channel that once played nonstop music has started to give into the greed of shareholders and fickle viewers, switching their focus to teen dramas and reality shows. This is extremely sad for the long-time music lovers. However, you are in luck.

Without a mainstream music outlet, indie artists are able to get back to the real source of music. The raw, aspiring, soul-filled, party-loving, scene-living artists who grace the cyber highways and call Resonate home are here to bring it back. Our community is filled and growing with artists who do so much more than just perform. They live their music. The sheer emotion of life is captured within it. They don’t just sing about a life they once lived. They actually live it. That is something I can’t say about the majority of musicians from this day and age. The best you’ve never heard of are here for you. Their wares are here for you to enjoy, free of charge.

The greatest thing about the Resonate community isn’t just the music, but its people. It’s a social network. It promotes creativity. User videos, blogs and music are here for your viewing pleasure. The most exciting aspect of this diamond in the rough is that it is as large, as useful and as inspiring as you want it to be. Original programming, original music and original writings give you the look and feel of being in the studio yourself. Videos that take you to the front row of an indie show, inside the making of the music, to finished video shoots. The experience is unique, just like the artists themselves.

In addition to music, the door is wide open for filmmakers as well. Resonate hosts web shows created by popular artists and interactive fans. Videos, including short films, can be submitted by community members. This adds to the unique feel of this media outlet. Creative filmmakers could possibly find their works produced into recurring shows or even a miniseries on the site. The only limit to the uses of Resonate is the one that you set.

Welcome to the new era of digital entertainment. A community based on creativity where real music and real film RESONATE freely. Welcome to the new standard. Explore, enjoy, join and share your passion with Resonate.Tv and the rest of the world.

As Always…Knock Hard…Life is Deaf…

The Manic Genius
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Toe the Line

El Maestro boxing ring 1Image by Serge De Gracia via Flickr

There comes a point in a person’s life where they must toe the line. You can be the most passive person, get perpetually steamrolled with the idea of being content, and start to concede to this notion. Rest assured that even if you accept a bystander role you will have to put your foot down to let your position be known. Others are eager to let the world know what they want. To those that decide to shoot for the stars, I salute you. Toe the line. Anything worth having is worth fighting for...

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t take a night off. Even to those that seem to have success just come to them, that isn’t the case. It’s that drive. It’s that mindset. It’s that urge to not just accept a role, but to go farther. It’s instilled in them, it’s ingrained in them. Success doesn’t come easy. The price is sometimes steep. To roll the dice a person must be a mixture of things that include some variance of these parts: insane, brave, eager, confident, calculating, and consumed. Chew on that and see where you fall.

If it were easy, Rome would still be the center of the world, everyone would be a dot com millionaire and the captain of the football team would really have become the president. Alas, this isn’t always the case. Actually it hardly ever is. I love the fact that people know this and still chose their fates. That’s right, we chose to accept them. Someone could be at the bottom rung constantly but if that person never gives up, they’ve succeeded in inspiring someone around them. We love that kind of inspiration, no matter what the outcome is. If Rocky had lost all those times he was the underdog, you would still be inspired. Rudy never went to the pros, but we still remember his struggle for that one game. We pull inspiration from failure just as much, if not more, from failure.

I believe that the fear of failure is what causes so many from ever trying anything. I wish that wasn’t the case, but at the same time I’m happy it is. See if everyone else had that kind of conviction I wouldn’t feel like I’m all alone on my soapbox. Then I realize that since so many decide not to, I get to stand on the soapbox all alone. It makes the struggle a bit more enjoyable knowing that at least I’m trying and others are just too lazy to give it a go. The more chances I get when the competition is light.

I’m sorry but if you still haven’t seen the video, or want to see it again, you have to check it out… again if need be… I want everyone that reads this to be successful… It doesn’t have to be monetary, I just want to know that someone somewhere realizes that this world isn’t fair, but that is no reason to quit. I know some of you are quite literally taking the world on. Some have been and currently are outside of what they were so familiar with. How does it feel? It’s a flood of emotions isn’t it? Exciting, lonely, fun, scary and whatever adjective you’d like to add in right??? The learning experiences occurred from leaving your comfort zone is tremendous! Tis a shame many people never get to experience that… by choice nonetheless...

The history and discovery channel are awesome… just not as awesome as actually doing some of those things. As we trek through our own personal journeys I hope you take the time to remember where you started, where you’ve been, where you are at, and where it is you are going… It’s never the same and it makes for one hell of a ride!

Just a random thought…

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…
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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Image by Dioboss via Flickr

Eventually I will listen to myself. I will heed my own advice, and actually act upon what I already know. So many things have become increasingly apparent. It seems that if I focus on trying to be relevant, I lose the main battle I’ve been fighting all along. It’s not a struggle of trying to stay relevant or the next thing. That should resonate from me. I believe it does. I have what it takes to do whatever I set my mind to.

So as I sit here typing, listening to the Yoshida Brothers (as usual) i find myself thinking… STOP… Just stop trying… Stop trying to calculate options, Stop thinking about it… Just do it…

In the last couple of weeks I’ve found that I love writing, I still love the engineering field, and I still love business. I’ve come to realize that trying to play it safe has got me where I knew it would. I remember telling a certain someone (actually a couple of people) how things most likely would play out. To date I have been correct. I have played by the rules expected of me and have gotten what was expected, a very small spot on a small rung hidden in obscurity doing task that sound interesting but in reality is the exact opposite.

The important takeaways from my current trajectory are clear. I have learned so much (to my surprise) about life, work, and myself. For this I am extremely grateful. It has re-enforced my conviction. By playing it safe I do get to survive; however, what makes me well me is lost in the calm waters of contentedness. I’ve become a mere sleepy bystander, without a face, that drudges throughout the day to a fictional light at the end of the tunnel.

Now I know this is in sharp contrast to what I preach rampantly on this site. I know. In true Manic Genius fashion I have worked fervently on a something. There has been a plan all along. I just have to remember to stick to it and not get lost in the predicament I’ve been fortunate to have found myself in. This year has been an interesting one. I have so much to be thankful for. The list is long and contains about everything you might imagine. I understand that life is a gift, and one should not take it for granted. Hence I plan to make the most of it. Every endeavor I find myself in, I hope to gain the most.

I must remember who I am, what I stand for, what I want to do, and actually achieve the goals I set out for. The obstacles are never ending… The journey is never easy… But as sure as the sun rises, I’ll be there continuing onward. It’s that first step that is the hardest. The free fall we are experiencing now has taught us many lessons. They differ from person to person.

There is still plenty of time… But that is a comfortable saying for those eager to accept their fate… I know I don’t make much sense… Part of the mania I guess… All that matters truly is that I know… All you must understand is that you will never achieve without sacrifice. 

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Me vs. the World

Ding Ding... Round Whatever... Here we go again... Me vs. the World... I see you... Sneaking up on me...

The first Earthrise photographed by humansImage via Wikipedia

It’s always something. It’s as if I cannot coexist in the world I find myself living in. It’s as if the world uses its collective powers to screw with me. That’s okay though, just like the times before and the times to come, I will overcome. It’s a war, not a battle, and with every little dilemma, which to be honest seems catastrophic once it arrives, is nothing more but a mere hurdle. Keep plotting you fickle mistress; keep trying, because you won’t win. With each attempt, each play you make, I’m here... Waiting... Ready to go…

I swear this give and take relationship has been a lifelong endeavor. If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. This is not as simple as to categorize as mere complaining. It’s a realization that continues to drive my conviction. Every time a defining moment arises something goes haywire. Some are simply self-inflicted, never knowing what the outcome could have been. Others were completely out of my control. This cycle will continue, as I assume it does with everyone.

Life, death, life altering moments, decisions with unforeseen consequences made in desperation, acts of God that shape a new course far from the one envisioned. That’s all okay with me. Take what you must. In the end I will still get what seems to be constantly denied.

Who I was, who I am, and what I’ve become is all due to the path I’ve chosen to walk, as varied as its been, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world that I’m battling. The highs and the lows are part of the journey. They are part of the fun. Then anguish, the joy, the mind numbing struggles, the complications, the people involved, the story that has been told and the one that will unfold are all part of this epic struggle between me and the world.

A simplified exaggeration, or a simple truth, who knows... Who cares…? If it propels me to continue onward so be it… The things I’ve wanted to become and what I’ve become will merge in the end. This struggle is more epic than any found in a book, for this is very real, very personal.

It would seem as an extremely egocentric stance if I didn’t truly believe that this struggle has been everything but extraordinary. It has last a lifetime and looks to still do so. It started at birth and is constantly staring me in the face. The one thing it has taught me is that my true strength lies in me. Nothing can derail what I want. I stand strong still, and always have. Sure temporary lapses happen, but that is true for us all. I continue to stand up and dust myself off. For those that get an easy route, I earn it. This is fine by me. I’ll toe the line with anyone, anything, anywhere. Resourceful is what this life has made me. It has prepared me with the necessary tools.

These tools come from a life floating from location to location just long enough to be forgotten. The experiences last a lifetime; the skills absorbed have served me well and shall continue to do so. I just cannot understand why people don’t have the same conviction as me. Perhaps that is what I’m supposed to learn from this. Sharing seems irrelevant, my goals will always been in sight.

I know that can handle anything… I know myself which is half the battle… It’s the rest of this world that is confused… It’s lost in itself, consumed by its own motives and the ones within it…

I may be an afterthought for the time being… just another faceless person in the crowd amongst the masses… That’s fine for now… I just wish I could find a way to stay off the radar of the powers that be… whoever… whatever sees it necessary to continue screwing with the path I walk upon… A mountain is a mere hill in the grand scheme of things… People are just puppets in this play (not all but in large part)… The story wouldn’t be spectacular if it were easy…

Signs of madness… maybe… it’s a staple for me though… If you think you have it bad, even if I think I have it bad, I know others have to be struggling with similar or even greater things… what gives me the right to grow content… to give up on this… to give up on myself… nothing  does… so it will never happen…

I know how bad I want it.... Do you know? 

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Success and Breathing

Watch this. Then think. Read some. Think some more. Comment if you feel inclined to do so.

 Ladies and gentlemen, I present a unique take on what I’ve been trying to say, from Eric Thomas. This is the first video clip that I've ever seen of him. I can say without a doubt that Mr. Thomas has a great presence, a great message, and great delivery. If it doesn't make you think, you weren't listening. 

Since the ocean is a common backdrop in my stories, his speech is right on par with my message. Determination goes hand and hand with your individual success. Nobody, this includes family and any guru, can give you success. It is simply earned. If it was just handed to you, you would lose it. This is simply because you value what you earn. It takes effort, will, determination, and drive to achieve your dreams. I hope your takeaway from my message, and that of Eric Thomas, resonate loudly with you. Success doesn’t necessarily come in the form of money. It can be your family, your art, your writing, or whatever you want to achieve. It’s never easy, but nothing worth anything is. Life and everything you encounter in it is complicated. Those who overcome, adapt, and achieve never give up, they never give in to the easy way out. I hope you all truly believe this. It’s okay not to have the drive…. Well that’s a lie… Not in my eyes… It’s not okay to merely slide thru life… Do what must be done, to achieve what you want in the end!

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf… 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Issuu.com Preview

**** This is not a paid ad****

I've simply stumbled across it and would like to show you what it does. It can use word files, pdf, etc. Browse their site for a full detailed rundown of their services. I currently use the free version. This could be entertaining, or used to set you apart from the pack. Of course, this is strictly up to you. Hell, even create your own digital magazine!

The formatting is a little off. But the general idea is pushed across. You can use issuu.com to make digital publications of anything you want. It can even contain other types of media. I find this site tremendously entertaining. I encourage you to use it for your creative needs. You can create a library of photo books, reports, anything... and chose to keep it private or share it with the world. Not bad for a free flip page software for your digital publishing needs.

If you're a photographer I do believe it adds a new perspective for you. If you are in business, you can create catalogs or present data in a new light. Face it, PowerPoint is pretty lame. Use it to house your poetry, reports, brochures, stories, music sheet, or anything else you want.

*** Report above is a transfered word document formatted school report from back in the day***

Short and sweet post.

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran’s Day Thoughts

Image of ribbons and badges of a US Navy sailo...Image via Wikipedia

This is a day often used to celebrate those that do or have served, those that have sacrificed a portion of their lives, or they actual gave their lives for their country. I hope people actually understand just what a veteran really embodies. It’s not just a freedom fighter. Veterans are people who in the good times and the bad step forward. They are willing to do what so few are.  I have been fortunate enough to have so many around me, either that I have served with or have been affiliated with the armed services in some fashion, and can tell you that there is really more than what meets the eye.

A veteran has developed themselves to be able to branch from their comfort zone. The basic backbone of honor, courage, commitment, and last but not least integrity build more than just a wall of freedom for all of us. It trickles into the daily lives of everyday people. Leadership to see things through to the end benefits families, businesses, communities, etc. The ability to do what is right, not because it is easy, but because it simply is the right thing to do. Accountability is a takeaway that promotes maturity, responsibility, and ensures that those tasks are carried out appropriately the first time. The military holds itself to a high standard, believe it or not, and those that partake in it generally make great citizens, businessmen, employees, etc. It truly is sad that most people do not realize this. Most vets get treated as an after thought, with nothing more than a thank you twice a year. Often, they get cast aside until a war arises or are considered mindless drones programmed to operate in only one certain fashion.

Officer or enlisted, those that serve or have served, form the very foundation of the country you live in. You don’t have to agree with me, as this is my opinion, but the best leaders come from the military. Not some fancy prep school, or a gold spoon in their grasp. Vets from all branches start out at the same place, the bottom. You have to earn your way up. That determination drives so much creativity, so much innovation, and so much inspiration in the daily activities in this world that it gets overlooked.

Veterans are usually modest. They never ask for much. It is awesome that people are taking notice to their sacrifices. Still it is sad that many vets find it hard to find gainful employment. That vets are labeled or stereotyped as lazy federal employees. That most that die are not mentioned, or swiftly forgotten by those they protect… People in military towns grow used to the servicemen and women... and will often complain about them… even though they are no different that any civilian… and their presence fuel s many local economies. Military spending is criticized often. Many of those critics have never picked up a rifle, or been forward deployed. To those critics I say walk that talk. See if it really as easy as you perceive. I’m sure you will find a new found respect those that pay the ultimate price for your rights. All of them, even those we don’t all agree with. That is what makes this country so great isn’t it, your freedoms?

I really hope everyone is aware of what a veteran embodies. I hope you actually realize their value to you and your country. They are not just names in a uniform, on a wall, or on a statue. They are people just like you and me. They stand for something greater than their selves. Do your entertainment idols do the same? Do those self absorbed fame hunters? WE vets do. We don’t expect much. WE ARE happy to do what must be 
done. All I ask is that people really realize what WE stand for.

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf… 
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Updates: I'm Still Here

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...Image via Wikipedia

Okay. I’ve been missing in action, per say, as to keeping with any kind of blog posting schedule. That’s acceptable though, as I have been working on something huge. I’ve created my first digital publication. I was going to post about issuu.com a few weeks back, but once I started to work on the first publication I stumbled onto a grand idea… Take some of my old writings and make a novel out of it. The outline itself is roughly 27 pages! Not too shabby at all, and it looks to be a massive undertaking. I’ve decided not to post my first attempt at a digital publication due to lack of copyrighting it yet. Maybe one day that will change.
I’ve decided that this writing thing is something that I rather enjoy. It does get frustrating from time to time, and just like everything you have to just keep pushing onward. I’m still experimenting with the different styles of writing to find what I feel fits me the best. I know I have strong opinions, and the drive to see these endeavors through to the end. But rest assured, I’m still going to do my thing here with you guys.

I've added an email address under the Contact tab for those who wish to do so. It would be absolutely amazing if I got any sort of feedback. Even with my last post, the room remains quite. This is a terribly frustrating thing. It seems as if what “they” say is true. People are too lazy to read. This is so sad, yet so true. This lack of passion, thought, or feedback still drives most of my ranting though… so even if it is inadvertent.. It still helped me... Ha Ha Ha… Suckers... 

I still plan on posting about issuu with a fully functional digital publication for you guys to view, and the benefits  it could provide you. I will get around to fixing the headquarters site and adding to its content soon as well. A lot of things to keep up with, but that's part of this whole process. 

As always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shouting Upon Deaf Ears

Edmund Lowe, American actor, standing at radio...Image via Wikipedia

*Tap... Tap* 

Is this thing on?

I realize that I can come across as a pretentious, self-consumed, wannabe know it all, ego manic. It’s cool, I get it. For all my faults, I’ve tried to do the right thing. If blowing up my little area of cyberspace, trying to express my thoughts, perspectives, and insights on things classifies me as the above… So be it. This was started for one simple reason… To motivate myself and others looking to make sense out of everything around them. As usual I’m still sitting here, all alone in this crowded room… On the outside looking in… Trying to understand why those around me don’t realize the room is on fire…

At times people say life is simple. They have these categories they like to refer to. Everything will be okay, just because… Seems nice really… They’re completely full of shit… But it’s a nice thought…
Others say life is complicated. The degree of complexity is the undetermined factor here. They’re right, it is complicated… Sometimes we make it way more complicated than it has to be… But hey, without drama we’d feel ignored right?

Either view point is acceptable. These days we accept anything. Think about it… Here are some small examples.
            It is acceptable to dream big and immediately quit because it got hard.
            It is acceptable to say or do whatever you want to someone, as long as you ask forgiveness.
            It is acceptable to promise and never deliver.
It is acceptable to have one’s own political, social, or religious views as long as those views are never discussed openly.
It is acceptable to underachieve.
It is acceptable to brush of responsibility.
It is acceptable to fear repercussion.
It is acceptable to….

You get the idea. The room is filled with talk… lots of it. Some talk bigger than others and few back it up. Some things will never change… ever… I respect those that refuse to accept this… The few of you that actually share my discontent with the hypocrisy you see daily… We reward those that go against the very grain we supposedly built this nation on. As a whole we draw battle lines in the dirt just to box ourselves in further. Everything a person does can and will influence them down the road. That is if you ever get out of the damn drive way.

Quite frankly I’m tired of seeing this shit everyday… Just accepting things because “that’s life” or “that’s just the way it is” bullshit that we toss up to deflect giving a real answer. Now I know that many (if not most) people will never read this because this article is closing in on 500 words… Ha… Maybe I should just youtube some sense into people. Reading is a lost art… just like soft skills… professionalism… honesty… or any other thing you want to put in this category. I’m amazed that people honestly think that just complaining about things will actually influence it… that all of our problems stem from government officials… that they got cheated in life because they made poor choices… or that the world is out to get them…. NEWS FLASH…… The world doesn’t even know you exist!!! Know why is that?

Simple things like forgetting how to drive on a daily basis, not thinking before you speak, and actually believing that just because you chose to be a raging ass you should get your way (plug for business and retail peeps, right there) are not acceptable… and since its cumulative, emulated, and carried forward it has created the shittiest environment for people… Not to mention the epic failure this and past generation leaders have created for my current generation… which is largely populated by media, trend driven, self-absorbed, not to mention completely lost personalities. Awesome.. Thanks guys… Can’t be taken serious because management is uber-conservative now… not when they were your age… but now… to succeed one must be exceptionally brilliant and exceptionally reserved…  A world of young politicians with a penchant to emulate the mistakes of those that went before them. LAME…

Now I personally DO NOT CARE what somebody’s political, social, or even religious priorities lie. That has nothing to do with what I’m saying. I am simply trying to show some minor examples at why we are programmed for continued failure… especially if you go with the traditional route… This is my opinion…
Ideas spark improvement. Open conversation shape ideas. Eliminate the battle lines and as a whole we stand a chance… But nay it won’t happen… Improve yourself… Pick a path... Give ‘em Hell… At least a person or a few people can make a real go at it… And for those that are offended… Good you actually read it… Just trying to inspire… Because I’ve been knocking my head real damn hard for a few people to realize something… but alas… they must be deaf…

Please feel free to vent, express your views, or something… Tis a shame one has to rant this much to get a damn point across isn’t it?


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Video Games and You

Jefferson Memorial StepsImage by tobascodagama via Flickr

From Madden to Medal of Honor, what do your favorite video games say about you? Video games come in every genre imaginable. Each appeal to people for various reasons and a gamers preference can say a lot about them. This can be further evaluated by their playing style. What does your game choice and playing style say about you?

Most of us have played some video of some kind. Today’s games are greatly evolved from the Atari and pinball machines of days past. The approach to the games may or may not of evolved all that much though. The underlying characteristics of a person show through during game play. Strange I know, but it is so true.

Players can approach their game as they would in real life or like they wish they could. Strategies are varied, just like all of us. Some chose to run and gun, taking chances at every corner. Others chose to strategize, play cautiously to minimize their risk. Some love the thrill of a quick match, and grow tired of long drawn out cut scenes. Others take their time to soak up the virtual worlds they find themselves engulfed in.

One of my personal favorites is the Fallout Series. More specifically, Fallout 3. The world you’re emerged in is truly unique. The choices you decide ultimately affect the skills, abilities, and eventually the outcome of the game itself. My playing style actually does reflect my traits in real life. The mental processes I use daily. I try to play realistically, calculating my actions on a risk and reward basis. I don’t have to do this. I chose to play that way. I feel comfortable that way.

In Madden, a football game, I am a pass heavy offense. Once again I wonder why? Well it’s all about the calculated risk and reward system. If I chose a mobile quarterback, I have the best of both worlds. Everything play is based off of my thoughts, not actually NFL knowledge because I’ve never suited up to play football for a school of any kind. Others disagree whole heartedly with this strategy. Hey to each their own.

Medal of Honor, a first person shooter war game, is open to any number of styles. Ultimately you can guess how I approach this. Realistically, playing to what I feel is my real world strengths. Do you see a pattern here?

Guitar Hero, a musician style game, I always chose to be the guitar or bass player. Now why would that be the case? Well I’d rather be a key player, get a majority of the spotlight, without the hassles of being the front man or the responsibilities of keeping the band locked together by drumming away. Not to mention I have no rhythm and my vocal skills are lacking. So once again, I chose to stick to my real world strengths.

Now you can dissect how you play, why you play that way, and the subconscious reasons for it. Something as simple as mindless relaxation can decode a portion of your skill sets, motivators, and tendencies that you present daily to those around you. Amazing how the little things can give you so much insight isn’t it?

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…

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Personal Development

Project Management main phasesImage via Wikipedia

Personal development is something talked about, read about, and rarely carried out. I have a tendency to jot down short term goals, long term goals, and then promptly forget about that list. Isn’t it ironic that you know it’s important to do, but still conveniently forget about it? We all have skill sets that need to be worked on… Why is it that we take so long to actually do it?

Now I’m not saying that we don’t eventually do it… Actually I find myself still working on the list without even thinking about it. Some subconscious impulse to do this, or get this done that pushes me to complete at least some aspect of the previous list jotted down at some random moment. I assume it’s because I know the importance of following through with it.

You can go college, develop a skill set in high school or your free time but if you never practice it you get “rusty” eventually. Actually all of the above are true for me. Now sometimes it’s as easy as riding a bike. You just have to go through the motions and it will come back to you. In other cases technology progress, new versions are released, and you’re left in the dust.

It’s is crucial to stay abreast the current technology. It’s equally important to keep prior skills maintained. A well rounded skill set will keep you current with your chosen field’s trends, and give you a unique advantage over others you have slipped. Everything is affected this way. From your resume to the way you interact. This is clearly evident in the social networking phenomenon we are all currently living in. How does it directly affect you?

Job Searching: Online job searching is rampant. Numerous case studies prove that companies turn to the internet instead of coming in and filling out an application. So how do you get your resume in their hands? Well there are many options at your disposal. I have a few listed on to the left here.

LinkedIn: It has becoming more than a nice business networking tool. Strategies are formed solely this site. Numerous HR big wigs rave about the usefulness of this site. There are even online companies that coach you on how to maximize your online searches using SEO and LinkedIn.

LinkUp: A new alternative for careerbuilder and monster types. Corporate direct searches that actually give you real information about the jobs you’re looking at.

BLS: That’s right. The Bureau of Labor Statistics will give you facts about your or anyone other field. Information from the government that will actually help you for a change. Nice eh?

Blogs: Blogs, Blogs, Blogs… They give insight straight from the people you live and breathe the HR game. I have one on the left to start you off. Once you get a feel, you can search out others and develop your own strategy and attach the workforce.

Social Network: Chances are that you found this site via Facebook. Well that’s no coincidence. Social networking can actually give you information at your fingertips. The minds of many, working for you..

Delicious: A social bookmarking sight. Sounds lame right? Well actually it isn’t. The world of bookmarks provides so much information for you’re to browse at your leisure. Each is broken up via categories or ‘tags” and will take you to the topic you’ve decided to view. If you like it, you can bookmark it for future reference as well.

LinkedIn: Yep again. Networking for your career is important. Use it or you could be missing out on contacts that could prove beneficial one day. Not to mention the interesting people you come across and would like to keep in contact with.

Facebook: The mother of all social networking sights at the moment. Friends, family, businesses, bands, etc. are all on this bandwagon. You can promote, as I have, keep in contact with everyone you know and even waste time all right here.

Blogs: Yep also again. This outlet lets people discuss, convey, promote, or do whatever they desire largely for free. Blogs aren’t as popular as they once were. Hopefully that doesn’t stay that way. They range from family updates, to full blown business ventures and can be as cheap as free!

Computing: Technology changes fast. Be sure to stay up to date with the current trends so you won’t be lost.

Microsoft Works: Changes occur every 3 to 4 years. Outlook for your email, Word for your documents, etc., Powerpoint for presentation, blah blah. Everyone is familiar with the basic package. The interface changes are drastic from 2002 to 2010. Not enough to completely derail a person, but significant enough to cause a problem for many people. So checkout their online videos to stay current. And note it on your resume. Newer is better. It is easier to go backwards then it is to go forwards, ya dig?

Programming: If you are a tech nerd like me, it is important to stay on top of the current software. So be aware of where to get the tools you need. For free and legal preferably. So check out the development section at Microsoft.

Additional Resources: Are everywhere. Google the net, use the search tool above, or any of the resources located on the left. You won’t be completely lost for long if you search for it. There are free tools for everything. There is even a site with free software to streamline writing a novel.

Well that will do it for now. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Apply the personal development list to your advantage. It could range from LEAN SIX SIGMA processes, Management Processes, Emotional Intelligence Quizzes, Survival Guides, Technique Development, etc. Be sure to continue your learning curve, for it is never ending.

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Decoding The Human Element

Märket lighthouse on a stormy morningImage by taivasalla via Flickr

I keep asking myself, how do I get there? There is really indefinable. This is due to the human element. Which I define as the never satisfied, to and fro, unpredictable logic that drives us all.

This blog in one tool I use to evaluate myself. It is no secret that I love to write. I use my scribbling, rants, blogs, poems, etc. to gain invaluable insight to myself. And to try to understand the times, people, and places in my life. Believe it or not, I think it has worked so far. I’ve captured every emotion on paper. Encrypted, coded, and hidden in the use of various metaphors. Stories that tell a very real, very true story about a certain time in my life, but everything is open to interpretation. Every time I revisit something I’ve wrote I can recall that exact emotion. The feelings, the thoughts all come back to life. The memories live on. And will after I’m gone.

The great thing about all of them though is the fact that they are all open to the interpretation of the reader. A good poem, story, etc. will evoke the readers mind to whatever strikes them. It engages their minds, their memories. It creates a lasting effect, a meaningful creation from one person to another. Great books, poems, and especially music have this effect on us. Even if you were to look at what you’ve written later in life, you could have a new take away on it. Reflection is possibly the greatest thing a person could do. It can recharge, re-inspire, provide valuable insight, and allow for re-prioritizing what is important to you.

I’ve always said that nobody knows you better than you. So why not evaluate yourself? Is what you want now, what you wanted back then? Why or why not? Trust me, this works. You will always have yourself. So reflect. Ask yourself the questions. You know the answers.

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Rut...

Flooded dug-out in front line trenchImage by National Library of Scotland via Flickr

This rut I find myself entrenched in... is absolutely brutal... I  try to collect my thoughts, but so far it has been to no avail. There have been thousands of what-ifs and moments of realization that ultimately lead to nothing... Have I been here for a day, month, years even?? Depends on when and where.. As the rut feeling is neither fleeting nor long holding.. Its staying power is both impressive.. and brief.. Its impact is both temporary and long lasting.. Its power can be extremely useful and totally destructive if allowed.. So analyze your next spell.. See how you handle it.. How you recover.. And if the rut can tell you what you need to hear...

Its like fighting a war with the world.. and yourself... I know I'm not the only person on the planet that feels this way from time to time... A true manic swing.. the yin and the yang.. The opposing forces of the mind.. Awesome isn't it? I wrote this awhile back.. Figured I'd conjure it back up.. See if the temporary lapse of gloom and doom had any real relevance.. And of course.. Even out of the most pessimistic views.. Comes optimism.. Everyone has both..  The layers of a person reveal themselves with time.. With that being said..

The test of time is shitty. Everything falls back into the same old pessimistic point of view I started with. As with everything in this world, upon close inspection I too am flawed, simply put we are all damaged goods. I can’t really think of a huge upside to this. Nothing more than the simple thought that we are all in this state together, on one level or another.

Some of us just accept life as it is. Others do not. I’m obviously with the last category. There are a ton of reasons to use for my current situation. None will justify my cause. I refuse to become one of those people who blame my current state on external factors. I am who I am simply because I’ve chosen to do what I have done. It’s that simple and true.

Now how does one right the proverbial ship? That’s a good question. There is no good answer though. Some will say to listen to your heart. Some will say just wait, time will tell. Others will say pray for the answer. In short, you will hear a lot of “answers” but nothing that will help you immediately. Just like any advice, it must be taken with a grain of salt.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that you know yourself better than anyone. I say this simply because people have a tendency to become chameleons around certain people, situations, environments, etc. So the only person who truly knows the way you operate is yourself. So what makes you happy? What are your motivators? How do you achieve the balance you’re looking for? Your guess is as good as mine…

There is no reset button on this life. No do-overs. What I mean by this is that you can change yourself, your location, and those that surround you, but you’re still you. You can make changes, but the rudimentary essence of you will as always be there.

So it’s never as simple as you hope. If the right piece falls into place in your puzzle you’ve been dealt a great favor. For some it happens and others it won’t. Until then you have to keep your head afloat, keep treading water, and keep fighting the tide until you find your way.

I know many people won’t agree with that statement. That’s their right. I’m actually tired of trying. If you do what you’ve always been told to do, it still won’t be enough. It all plays out on chance. All a person can really do is be prepared for when the time is right. When opportunity comes knocking, be prepared to jump. Or maybe life will just push you there. Who knows? This shit rarely makes sense. People are a fickle breed who tend to be trendy, greedy, and believe it or not self-centered. Are we really any different?

So you can play along, suck up and accept your current role. Wait for that “big break”. I prefer a different approach. Keep going at it. One thing is certain; I’ll either make it or go insane along the way. The great thing about going insane though is that you never know you have gone mad.

As always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...
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Take It Off

That defense mechanism.. That shield that protects you from acting out.. The rules that keep you overly cautious.. Take it off.. That shroud of doubt you have yourself cloaked in.. Find yourself in a hole downtown.. in the corner of your mind.. on the net.. wherever.. whenever you feel..

This kid says it best...

Now that you've seen his example.. I shall explain my point..

We all have a tendency to play the devil's advocate... To put up a false front.. It's human nature.. and most of the time.. its a necessity.. We bite our lip.. hold our tongue.. When really want to say something.. Appearances matter.. Your views matter.. Well pretty much everything you do can be held for or against you..

But what about you.. Your individuality? Your point of view? You thoughts? We place ourselves in cages.. Our own little prisons.. not all the time.. but from time to time.. I'm sure you can rattle off countless reasons for why... At the same time you know what you miss.. It's different for each person.. It's part of growing up.. This is true.. And you don't lose yourself over night..

It happens to the best of us... All of us.. But as the kid above clearly points out.. It doesn't have to be that way.. You can still do whatever you want to do...

Life is a rat race at best.. Some people actually believe they have all the answers.. Truth is.. Nobody does.. It's the risk, rewards, and chance that make life as interesting as it is... But to be clear.. You dictate your circumstances over the long haul.. The road to redemption, happiness, self destruction, etc.. Is all up to you.. It' your spin on everything..

I keep talking about drive.. The need to be driven.. And look.. to be honest.. I get burnt out just like everyone else.. But that doesn't make it acceptable to stop.. But that's what makes a person's character that much more profound.. The will to keep pressing forward..

I've had a interesting last couple of months.. To say the very least.. And I know so many others have as well.. But those that keep pushing onward continue to grow.. And those that stall out.. stagnate.. That mountain won't climb itself.. The rut your in won't magically disappear.. Those that honestly believe that if they close their eyes.. It'll all just go away... Are sadly misguided..

Stop making excuses.. Knuckle up.. Keep climbing.. Reclaim yourself.. Continue to grow.. Find yourself.. Re-invent if you must.. But uncloak yourself.. NOW.. before its to late..

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

It's Been Awhile

Rotherhithe Thames Tunnel - Walking back towar...Image by webponce via Flickr

But don't fret.. Don't efface this blog.. Or yourself.. It's... I'm... Still here.. Guess its about time to get back on track.. It seems like my content is falling on deaf ears these days.. Well if this is the case.. To bad I guess.. I shall continue to open my thoughts.. my mindset.. and emanate as usual... Your dedication to self motivation may continue to be diaphanous.. But not mine.. Rest assured.. I'm still agog.. My expectations are still Brobdingnagian.. Is it that the mental jactation is difficult to follow??? Does the blog strike you as to augural?? Is it to quaggy or do i come across as to harsh?? I'm sure some of you may see a hint of anacoluthia.. It's the style I felt would keep attention.. A different take from the typical reading you'll be doing.. Do yourself a favor and pay attention.. join in the conversation.. Don't live to rue the day that you've lost the will to strive.. to aspire.. to influence.. to think out loud..

If so.. Please remember where you are at... This is manic.. it's in the title.. And I'm not joking... Real content.. real thoughts.. real hope.. real aspiration.. For you.. For me..

And on that note.. There is a new "tool" for the readers to use.. A dictionary widget.. So if you stumble across a word that evades you at the moment, you can keep on track.. Because, as you know, I throw the occasional big word.. just to keep you guys on your toes...

Also note the other changes.. ReCareered blog for those interested at an HR insider perspective.. Has "insider" hints and tips for the job seeker... Hyperbole and a Half blog for a unique brand of humor.. Crappy art and well crafted funny story lines lead to enjoyably absurd comic bits..  Both are interesting sites and worth checking out.. They don't know me.. Never heard from me.. But are well worth checking them out..

Knock.. Knock.. Kid.. I'm here...

As always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf... 
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Navigating The Storm...

Rembrandt's The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, s...Image via Wikipedia

Things in this life are never certain. The choices we make are truly our own. The end result is usually out of your control. These are simply facts… Like it or not we must accept that.. But just because it is that way, doesn’t mean you have to leave your life to chance…

Everyone has heard the old adage… You get what you put into this life… It’s a simple saying.. Just a filler for a conversation.. Or an observation.. Much like that of the adage… Everything happens for a reason… In this life, is this true?? I’ll leave that one up to you…

So where is this leading? Nowhere quick… Unfortunately there is no guide to life…Or fortunately if you like to options at your disposal.. Its hard to wrap your head around the bigger questions in life.. And at times its even harder to comprehend the small ones from time to time… Inevitably we all face times in which we are just…. Lost..

This ocean is a fickle one… The tides seem to shift on a whim… It’s maddening.. It’s enjoyable… It’s every emotion ever conceived.. And then some… It’s a ride… At times your riding high.. Everything is within sight.. At other times the undertow pulls you down.. To the darkest regions of your mind.. It is a struggle that repeats with time…

The life line your searching for may come as a surprise.. Or not at all.. It really seems like all is left to chance… But is it? Isn’t the great thing about life in general.. Is that at any given moment you can take action.. Since there is no set path, one can make their own… It just takes conviction.. A will to press onward.. I know that things are just overbearing.. Atlas isn’t the only one holding the weight of the world on his shoulders.. But.. This is what makes this life so great.. The harder it is.. The sweeter the reward..

As I’ve said before… The actions we take directly influence our outcomes.. Every little thing has a tendency to shape you.. The mind is likely the most treacherous battlefield on the planet.. It has a way of undermining you.. You blinding you… Of uplifting you… And controlling you… I know this are things you guys already know… And I know that sorting all of the things flying around on this battlefield is no easy task….

But isn’t this chaos something we have a subconscious need for? Isn’t what you use to base our actions off of? This unbridled chaos is what leads to creativity, bold moves, sets plans in action, solves our problems, and creates some new ones.. For those that love the drama this life always seems to lie before us…

To truly understand oneself.. If this is even possible.. You know how to cope with this.. Everyone seems to do it.. And we all seem to have our own ways of doing it.. I’ve covered this already though…

Just remember that no matter chaotic the storm… No matter which way the tide turns… You still have some form of control.. And in some strange sense.. It can be rather enjoyable.. As this is what makes us human…

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...
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Monday, September 13, 2010


MaskImage by wokka via Flickr

Let's shed a little light on the darker side of the Manic Genius Syndrome... A little insight to one of my key motivators... I've spent a large chunk of my life shifting from one place to another... Never spending a great deal of time in any particular place.. The one constant has been the need to make somewhat of an impact.. No matter how small.. On those around me.. I've met thousands of people over the years.. I've learned a great deal from this.. I've learned that some of the best people I'll ever know, some of the best times I've ever had... Are only for a moment...

Now this seems all good.. But its left me with a unique phobia of sorts.. I don't really know how to explain it.. But I'll try.. The moment I begin to settle.. And become like those around me.. I lose myself.. I'll grow content.. And by now we know this isn't me.. I'm afraid I'll become faceless.. Just another face in the crowd.. My inhibitions.. My drive.. My personality.. My essence.. All run together..

Now luckily I've been able to use this to my advantage.. And I know it's a strange thing to fear.. But it is extremely true.. It's not really a form of vanity.. In my eyes.. But that wouldn't be a stretch from me...

But in short, its one of the reasons I constantly strive.. To grow content and stop pushing forward will lead to becoming faceless in the world.. 1 of the faceless billions.. Now don't take this the wrong way or anything.. I'm not implying that those who chose to settle down in a town.. And make a life for themselves immediately are faceless.. Its actually quite the opposite.. I envy the fact that people are well known in their towns.. Its something I've never got to truly experience.. And to be honest.. After being so used to the gypsy pace of my chronic moving.. I've embraced that part of me.. It has molded me into who I am today.. And I wouldn't trade that for the world..

Just like everyone else I have my phobias.. My motivators.. And this is one of them.. I can't honestly write all of this stuff and be content with sitting on the sidelines.. And I will keep pushing forward.. No matter what the road ahead has in store for me... I owe it myself.. I've been on this road a long time now... And its rarely been easy.. If ever.. But that's what makes it inspiring.. The stories, the good times, the memories, the friends, the experiences.. both good and bad.. I've been fortunate enough to travel this far.. To see what I've seen.. To see high life... To struggle to survive.. To live, love, laugh, learn every step of the way.. And its far from over.. I just have to remind myself from time to time..

As of late the pace of things has started to slow down.. Which if you know me.. Isn't an easy thing for me to cope with.. And I start to feel like I'm becoming faceless.. I anticipated this.. Hence this blog was created in the first place.. But as usual.. It just motivates me again...

So there you have it... Anyone else have one of those unique phobias?? Does anyone else have the same motivator?? If so feel free to share..

As always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Symposium Is Online

Light bulbImage by Jago Pauwels via Flickr

Ladies and gentlemen.. I’m proud to present the Manic Genius Syndrome Symposium! So, Get some conversation started! Topics can include anything you like.. The syndrome doesn't have to be serious all the time.. Drop me a line for topics you'd like to discuss.. And moderator spots are available for those of you are truely "Manic Genii"..

This combined with the Manic Search Tool.. Shows that the site is coming a long way.. In such a short time.. We’re growing daily.. Hard to believe its only been a couple of weeks!

The site will continue to get better… Please feel free to make suggestions… Remember this is all about people.. The drive to do more.. Not a single person.. But everyone.. With their own take.. So take a little initiative.. Join in the conversation!

I’m excited with this so far.. I hope you are too..

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…
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Manic Genius Search Tool

Why waste your time searching, shifting for your information? You shouldn’t.. So I’d like to introduce a new feature to the Manic Genius Syndrome site… The Manic Genius Search Tool… It’s located at the top of the homepage… It works just like the Google Search Bar found on google.com.. But there is one added advantage to you.. Once your search query is entered, the results will search all of the great links located on the left of the page… It will cut out the riff raff for you.. But if you want, it will even search the Web for you as well.. Just like on the tab to sort your search...

Stay tuned for more updates to the site.. Numerous ideas are being processed... If you have any suggestions feel free to share..

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Social Networking and Virtual Goods

Your only limited to what you all to limit you. I just saw a commercial for a movie about social networking.. Same title.. And as you may already know, it is about Facebook… That loveable website the masses use daily. Well what have we learned from social networking?

People love to be entertained. Lets take the Facebook games for example. Are you aware of the fact that millions are earned by games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, and the like… Its called virtual goods.. The industry generates millions of dollars.. Think about it.. You pay for something that does not physically exist.. Does this sound foolish? Perhaps on a consumer standpoint.. But it is a rather genius business model.. Micro-purchases make the virtual goods market. Consumers make small payments to get to “whatever they need” to reach their next objective quicker.. This strategy, according to Think Equity a research firm in San Francisco, will generate nearly $2+ billion this year… with projections of steady growth continuing to rise next year.

Advertising is literally everywhere. We love our groups, our brands, and easy access. So social networking has taken approaches to make that even easier.. It comes to you.. Google AdWords brings it to blogs, websites, etc… And from a money making stance.. Google Adsense... You can make a buck doing almost anything.. Your clients are easily reached this day and age..

Ease to create and distribute. Social networking accounts are easy to create. It only takes a couple of minutes to design full blown websites, blogs, and user accounts on popular social networking sites.. And best of all they can be referenced to each other if you desire to do so..

Look consumers are out there for the poaching. If someone will spend $5 bucks to buy X amount points to achieve a virtual mission, or avatar upgrade.. They’ll buy anything.. And the best thing of all is that they run in circles.. Xbox has mastered this with its Xbox Live extras, Facebook with its games and groups.. There are even virtual lives being lived..

Now the only limit of ones grasp is by their own doing.. Some ideas take time to develop.. Others can quite literally blow up over night..

Just an interesting tidbit of information for you guys…

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who Are You?

What defines you? Do you have the answer yet? An old friend shared a gem of wisdom on Labor Day.. That work is who you are; not what you do to earn a living...

Now I'm a firm believer in that the Renaissance Man isn’t dead... The thought of people only being able to excel in one arena is laughable... But how do you know which of your talents, passions, or dreams should take the lead role? Have you found yourself second guessing your career choices?

Now with the right motivating factors propelling you.. You can do anything.. Right? Hey food has to get on the table somehow… Unfortunately the answers to life’s difficult questions are not kenspeckle.. These roads are windy, dim light, and unmarked… At times it seems like your adrift in the ocean.. The compass is busted.. The stars are hidden.. And your just along for the ride..

But there lies something inside of everyone.. A talent, buried.. Hidden.. Concealed from the masses.. Or perhaps its been pampered, taught, or performed with such frequency that it has become second nature.. My point is very simple… Everyone has something unique to offer.. It could be your thought process, a particular skill, a knack for something, anything..

Most of the time, those that lack self confidence down play their own abilities.. This is something that should be avoided.. I’m not saying that you should claim to be the alpha and omega in your skill… Arrogance never helped a soul.. And won’t start working now.. It’s a slippery slope we’re all on.. Life is no fairy tale.. And we all make choices that inevitably go against ones own vested interest.. But that’s how you learn…

Back to the renaissance man topic… How many of you find yourself drawn to multiple industries, topics, etc? How many go the extra mile and actively pursue something in multiple fields? I admire the people that work a full time job and still go to college classes and some even raise families to boot! I love the fact that people work in one particular field and find the time to write blogs, books, memoirs, poems, etc… I admire those of you who work to put food on the table and still dare to chase the dream. Be it playing music, writing, photography, etc..

But that still leaves us with that gem of wisdom.. work is who you are; not what you do to earn a living... This was re-interated to me last night.. it has stuck with me all day.. It's so true.. You must do what you love to do.. Not what you don't.. I understand that it can take time to develop into what you may want to do.. But then again that comes down to the factors a person prioritizes their objectives by.. And honestly this journey we're on would be dull if it wasn't for the conflicts we face from time to time..

So I ask again.. What defines you? Do you still have the same answer? If your wanting to answer the question immediately with another question of your own.. your answer is simply no.. So in short, do what you love for a living. Do what you love period.. for free if you must.. You all have talents.. find them.. share them.. You'll be satified in the end..

Now for a moment of zen.. compliments of my new assistant.. Zemanta.. mad props to blogger..

The Renaissance ManImage by Storm Crypt via Flickr

As always... Knock Hard.. Life is Deaf...

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