Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Importance of Customer Service

Today I ate at a coffee shop style restaurant marketed as a upscale dining experience. After finishing my meal I started to ponder on what would make the experience more complete. There were a couple of things that came to mind that could help their operations. Improved customer service, a addition of a hostess and waiter/waitress, and a “bus boy” table cleaner… These are to much to ask for a upscale dining establishment.
In the dining business the appearance, food quality, customer service, and atmosphere play an integral part in the success of a business. You can market to everyone, but the end result should sell itself. I would go back to the restaurant if I was in the area, but would not make it a part or key reason for a trip. Would this not bother you as an owner?

I have always been told that you will always sell something.. your always selling yourself for a job interview, in a dating situation, and almost any other situation you find yourself in.. I just made reservations for a dinner date tonight. The employee of the dinner restaurant did a horrible job of expression any other emotion than disdainment for having to schedule a reservation.. take a name and a time then hang up.. I can only hope that the cooks have a better attitude toward their work. I know many people in the customer service world hate what they do. This however does not take away the front line impact they have on their client base. Do you agree?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Revelations: Daily Grind

Isn’t it sad? The simple fact that I know how things play out more often than not… Is it sad that I have no real faith in humanity anymore.. if I ever did.. Is it sad that you can be given the world and still want more? You could be given the key to change your life.. and still manage to lose it… You could see death and appreciate life.. only to take it for granted once more..

I don’t understand what makes people tick… We all claim to want more.. yet we are still to lazy, confused, distracted, uninterested, or whatever else you want to throw in that category… I’ve traveled the globe.. I’ve seen the high life and the low life.. danced in the light.. and taken long strolls in the dark.. the only thing for certain is that 99% of the time, nobody is truly serious.. The ones that are the loudest, are the weakest.. The shallow show up clearly on the backdrop of society.. ideas rarely get received well.. and opinions are a dime a dozen…

People talk.. and talk.. and talk… which is good if your are actually working thru some sort of process.. sadly.. this is rare.. have you ever noticed the amount of B/S that is talked at work on a given day? How often emotions are faked.. insincere.. the fake laugh.. forced out for the sake of keeping the situation short and pleasant.. Office politics.. what a grand idea..

But I think the rarest thing still is the simple act of calling it out.. Take notice friends.. I know you know this.. you know the game.. we live it everyday.. the only question left is why do you play the game by yourself? What is your excuse after you punch the time clock? Is that box of macaroni more important than taking 10 minutes to evaluate what your next move is? Why not multi-task?

The great thing about this Manic Genius Syndrome (MGS).. that fire you get when your combination sparks the unbridled creativity.. and it just engulfs you… go ahead and let the noodles burn.. it cost $2 bucks.. but to get lost in your mind is well worth it.. some people pay big bucks and break laws for that kind of joy.. Experiment from time to time.. learn what triggers it.. run with it.. you’ll be amazed at the fluid motion of your mind.. when your ideas can be jotted down… no more precious, lost could of beens…

It could be something as simple as a certain song or genre of music… a drink.. the weather.. the time of day.. I don’t know what your factors are.. but once you find it.. use it.. Take off the shackles of your mind.. discover yourself.. you’ll be amazed at the things you’ll find… office games will take a backseat once you rediscover what you can do.. No need to play office politics.. or fret over the small stuff..

Or don’t…. I won’t be sad for your loss.. it’s your life.. if you can’t decide to give it your best shot don’t complain in 30 years about the raw deal you’ve been dealt.. these challenges that lie ahead will not be easy for anyone.. But then again you knew that, right?

When To Jump

Many people dream of starting their own business. There are many variables involved and tough decisions to make. The fear of not quite cutting it derails some. Indecisiveness can be a problem. Many people have the will to start their own business but after awhile in the workforce grow content with their lifestyle. Some have great ideas but have no real idea where to start. Well my friend I have good news for you. The links at the right hand side of this blog have resources that will help you get past the obstacles that lie in front of you.
It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at being an owner operator, a full blow company, or even a corporation. The links will breakdown the pros and cons of each. Make the best decision that you deem necessary. Take a look at the steps necessary to move forward with your business. Turn that dream into a reality. The most important thing is to keep a realistic mindset, shoot for the stars, manage correctly, and stay informed. As many professionals will tell you, no matter what career field, learning is a lifelong process.

As far as when to jump, that really depends on you. There is no set formula for business success. The same goes in any career, job, etc. With today’s unlimited audience group, ever changing technology and business practices, and countless informational resources the only real limiting factor is your willingness. Are you capable of backing up your product or service?

Take a look at what this blog has to offer. Feel free to share any other sites of interest. They’re here to give you what you need to take that dreaded first step.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Knock Hard

Knock hard. Life is deaf.

Esoterically this should make complete sense, if your one of me… You see the manic genius syndrome is really a term I’ve coined to describe the period of intense mental focus… that moment in time when your brain is firing on all cylinders.. everything makes perfect sense.. the time when all of the thousands of things in your mind actually flow together.. like a rhythmic symphony decoding and deciphering what you already knew..

Everyone has the ability to answer their own questions. Only a few are persistent enough to follow through. You’re like me if you believe the idea of a renaissance man is not dead. If you believe you can do multiple things. If you know that being a bit nerdy is not necessarily a bad thing, but rather a unique quality not commonly found in others. If you are truly passionate about your areas of interest… If your not afraid to live, to take a chance, to push the envelope, to ask the difficult questions, to strive for more, and to never accept defeat.. to never be willing to grow content.. to refuse the mere suggestion of giving up on your dreams….

Your dreams are what should drive you. There doesn’t have to be only one clearly defined dream.. who said you must limit yourself.. your abilities.. In the face of the pessimistic soothsayers in the world stand strong. When those around you refuse to listen and the world seems to be deaf to your hopes and dreams.. stand tall and knock hard my friend.. You afflicted with MGS.. embrace it.. only the mad are truly free..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aspirations: Daily Grind

It seems to be that people have forgotten the basics. The simple principles that drive social homogeny in business. The workplace is an often stress filled environment with all the overbearing customers, bosses, mundane daily tasking, and the perpetual jockeying of co-workers fighting for favor. I assume that many of you were taught the simple golden rule in grade school. Treat others like you would like to be treated. Even the young will tell you what is right and wrong behavior in a social setting.

Somewhere this was lost in translation. As you should all know by now business is ruled by the bottom line. Things occur that we do not agree with or simply don’t understand. I have to say that we let way to much slide on a day to day basis. Many employers would rather look at employees as beneath them than treat them with respect. The worst is when those in charge actually believe that they can lead effectively from behind a desk while directing tasks they’ve never done.

Now I have a earth shattering idea… treat everyone with respect and think “outside of the box” of ones position.. you could unearth skills you weren’t aware of… If managers played to the skills of their employees, they could lead more efficiently. In a world ruled with business efficiency and profit margin at the helm this would seem logical, right?

Customer oriented businesses, at least the more successful ones, understand that a happy customer is a good customer. If you keep them happy they will be back. With that being said, it is a two way street. If the same employer treats their employees badly, the customer service will slip, and even possibily lower the retention rate of employees which will lead to greater training cost…

So if your workplace is getting you down remember this… they need you or you wouldn’t be there… the employees actually have some power… hold your head up and don’t play the corporate games.. by doing that you are actually loosing a bit of yourself… we all start out with great aspirations and this blog is here to keep you on that path.