Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aspirations: Daily Grind

It seems to be that people have forgotten the basics. The simple principles that drive social homogeny in business. The workplace is an often stress filled environment with all the overbearing customers, bosses, mundane daily tasking, and the perpetual jockeying of co-workers fighting for favor. I assume that many of you were taught the simple golden rule in grade school. Treat others like you would like to be treated. Even the young will tell you what is right and wrong behavior in a social setting.

Somewhere this was lost in translation. As you should all know by now business is ruled by the bottom line. Things occur that we do not agree with or simply don’t understand. I have to say that we let way to much slide on a day to day basis. Many employers would rather look at employees as beneath them than treat them with respect. The worst is when those in charge actually believe that they can lead effectively from behind a desk while directing tasks they’ve never done.

Now I have a earth shattering idea… treat everyone with respect and think “outside of the box” of ones position.. you could unearth skills you weren’t aware of… If managers played to the skills of their employees, they could lead more efficiently. In a world ruled with business efficiency and profit margin at the helm this would seem logical, right?

Customer oriented businesses, at least the more successful ones, understand that a happy customer is a good customer. If you keep them happy they will be back. With that being said, it is a two way street. If the same employer treats their employees badly, the customer service will slip, and even possibily lower the retention rate of employees which will lead to greater training cost…

So if your workplace is getting you down remember this… they need you or you wouldn’t be there… the employees actually have some power… hold your head up and don’t play the corporate games.. by doing that you are actually loosing a bit of yourself… we all start out with great aspirations and this blog is here to keep you on that path.

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