Thursday, July 22, 2010

Knock Hard

Knock hard. Life is deaf.

Esoterically this should make complete sense, if your one of me… You see the manic genius syndrome is really a term I’ve coined to describe the period of intense mental focus… that moment in time when your brain is firing on all cylinders.. everything makes perfect sense.. the time when all of the thousands of things in your mind actually flow together.. like a rhythmic symphony decoding and deciphering what you already knew..

Everyone has the ability to answer their own questions. Only a few are persistent enough to follow through. You’re like me if you believe the idea of a renaissance man is not dead. If you believe you can do multiple things. If you know that being a bit nerdy is not necessarily a bad thing, but rather a unique quality not commonly found in others. If you are truly passionate about your areas of interest… If your not afraid to live, to take a chance, to push the envelope, to ask the difficult questions, to strive for more, and to never accept defeat.. to never be willing to grow content.. to refuse the mere suggestion of giving up on your dreams….

Your dreams are what should drive you. There doesn’t have to be only one clearly defined dream.. who said you must limit yourself.. your abilities.. In the face of the pessimistic soothsayers in the world stand strong. When those around you refuse to listen and the world seems to be deaf to your hopes and dreams.. stand tall and knock hard my friend.. You afflicted with MGS.. embrace it.. only the mad are truly free..

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