Friday, July 23, 2010

Revelations: Daily Grind

Isn’t it sad? The simple fact that I know how things play out more often than not… Is it sad that I have no real faith in humanity anymore.. if I ever did.. Is it sad that you can be given the world and still want more? You could be given the key to change your life.. and still manage to lose it… You could see death and appreciate life.. only to take it for granted once more..

I don’t understand what makes people tick… We all claim to want more.. yet we are still to lazy, confused, distracted, uninterested, or whatever else you want to throw in that category… I’ve traveled the globe.. I’ve seen the high life and the low life.. danced in the light.. and taken long strolls in the dark.. the only thing for certain is that 99% of the time, nobody is truly serious.. The ones that are the loudest, are the weakest.. The shallow show up clearly on the backdrop of society.. ideas rarely get received well.. and opinions are a dime a dozen…

People talk.. and talk.. and talk… which is good if your are actually working thru some sort of process.. sadly.. this is rare.. have you ever noticed the amount of B/S that is talked at work on a given day? How often emotions are faked.. insincere.. the fake laugh.. forced out for the sake of keeping the situation short and pleasant.. Office politics.. what a grand idea..

But I think the rarest thing still is the simple act of calling it out.. Take notice friends.. I know you know this.. you know the game.. we live it everyday.. the only question left is why do you play the game by yourself? What is your excuse after you punch the time clock? Is that box of macaroni more important than taking 10 minutes to evaluate what your next move is? Why not multi-task?

The great thing about this Manic Genius Syndrome (MGS).. that fire you get when your combination sparks the unbridled creativity.. and it just engulfs you… go ahead and let the noodles burn.. it cost $2 bucks.. but to get lost in your mind is well worth it.. some people pay big bucks and break laws for that kind of joy.. Experiment from time to time.. learn what triggers it.. run with it.. you’ll be amazed at the fluid motion of your mind.. when your ideas can be jotted down… no more precious, lost could of beens…

It could be something as simple as a certain song or genre of music… a drink.. the weather.. the time of day.. I don’t know what your factors are.. but once you find it.. use it.. Take off the shackles of your mind.. discover yourself.. you’ll be amazed at the things you’ll find… office games will take a backseat once you rediscover what you can do.. No need to play office politics.. or fret over the small stuff..

Or don’t…. I won’t be sad for your loss.. it’s your life.. if you can’t decide to give it your best shot don’t complain in 30 years about the raw deal you’ve been dealt.. these challenges that lie ahead will not be easy for anyone.. But then again you knew that, right?

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