Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Online TV, Movies, And More

To close out the month I have decided that I'll share some online entertainment resources with you guys. If your a struggling college student and don't want to pay for cable... Or you just want to cut out those “expensive” premium channels.. Here are some need to know sites to keep you up to date on your viewing pleasures…

SideReel - This site has the low down on television shows and even movies. Its free to join, free to watch, and will even send you updates when your show is available for download via email and even face book.. Works well in conjunction with MegaVideo…

Mega Video - This site is a pay site…. $10 a month.. For a breakdown click here… Offers clear movies, is the number one provider for downloaded television shows, movies, and videos…. When used in conjunction with the before mentioned SideReel, you really have no need for traditional cable…

Now these sites offer flexibility that simply cannot be rivaled at this present moment.. Forget that Tivo, or recorder box from your service provider.. Waste of time and money.. You can download multiple shows, and sit back and enjoy when you want..

As far as complaints as viewing platform… Grab a cable and run that joker from your computer to the television.. Not that difficult.. Or just watch on your computer.. Seriously check these out.. The links have been added to the link list for your benefit... You can thank me later..

Don't forget about the other updates to site. Check frequently for new links, games, music, and as always feel free to make request.. This is here for you.. to be a streamlined hub for your informational needs..

As always my friends... Knock Hard... Life is deaf...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Resumes Lead To Rides

Same old story.. Same song and dance.. It’s a rollercoaster isn’t it? This damn thing called… Every opportunity comes with catch.. There is always a catch.. The paranoid are the only ones who seems to have some resemblance of having their bases covered..

To deliver you need to know certain key points… What do they say they want? Easy enough right? Well not exactly.. Now you need to know what they really want.. This can be the tricky part.. This is true in anything this life brings to your doorstep.. Be it an interview, relationship, friendship, sales pitch, etc.. You have to keep an eye on the angle. I know cryptic isn’t it? But as anyone should be able to tell you that’s the way it works kiddo. We’re all suckers for it, at least once.. Usually many more times than that though.. I can assure you of that….

How do you see the angle? Well that’s just experience… observe the mentality and body language.. Emotion shows up everywhere.. And just as the hit TV show Lie To Me.. Everyone has a tell.. Now I can’t claim to be a certified expert at this.. But they really are obvious for the most part.. Lets take the interview for example. You will most likely gear your resume towards the job posting… Hey that’s a start.. The mind games start for you before you even step foot in an office.. You will tell more about yourself in your actions then they will get from your actual conversation… So what is the best approach to it? Don’t prepare for the questions.. Be straightforward, and follow their lead.. They set the tone.. If the interviewer is well spoken, don’t use slang.. If they’re body posture is showing all business you’d do best to do the same.. If they joke around you better join in the fun.. Always show interest, because you shouldn’t be there if your not.. If you do your homework, you’ll do fine.. I know preschool stuff right? You’d be surprised….

Now for the catch to this.. It doesn’t always work.. You’ll be let down.. Way more often than not.. And the reasons are usually unfair.. They just don’t like you.. Your hair, clothes, voice, etc.. Yeah I said it.. They won’t.. So be sure to ask for their feedback.. If you get any just it to use.. They may spot a chink in that shiny armor of yours.. Or you just got beaten out by a more qualified candidate.. Or your to expensive.. Or etc, etc, etc.

The resume is your best bet to get in the door. Is yours up to date? Have you groomed it thoroughly? Please tell me you have at least written it.. I’d suggest that you re-write yours if someone has done it.. You’ll have more confidence in your abilities, be more on point in the interview, and take more pride in it… Here are some quick tips…

Is it sectioned out properly?

Did you use a template? Consider the “flow” of the document..
It is crucial…

Spell Check it!!! Seriously.. Sometimes things get mistyped..

Keywords.. Expertise or Experience.. Which is cocky and which is

Outline the areas in which you have worked.. Show that you can
do these things.. Be able to talk intelligently about them
when asked..

Be sure the dates are correct on employment, education, etc…

Take it one step at a time.. Proofread and repeat..

Format it again to make it fit…

Outline key definable metrics.. Cost savings, efficiency and be
able to back that up.. Nice addition..

Length is optional.. One sheet is fine.. Two is better in my book..
Show what’ve actually done..

Major points not the small details..

References are available upon request??? HA! Provide them, what
do you have to hide?

That summary at the top better outline your largest accomplishments!
Nothing trivial..

The intangible factors (the IT Factor) can be talked if need be..
But I’d save it for the interview.. That way they know your not
grasping at straws!

Finally have several people check it.. Let them provide feedback..
Consider it.. Revise if you want.. If not, run with it.. Its
yours! Go back it up..

And last be not least.. Print a copy to review from time to time..
You may want to add, revise when things come to mind..

See the resume is a living document.. It represents your working life.. What you can do.. What you have done during your professional life.. It’s the car you drive.. If it’s a busted ride, your not getting much love out there.. Same with the resume my friend..

Additional Resources..

Works Templates - Check the templates on the works templates section.

Word Templates - Same thing here, or visit Microsoft's Office.com

Resume Pointers - resumetemplates.org is a start.. I still believe doing your own is the best.. but thats my thoughts.. Site also has an interview guide for those interested..

Another sources of good pointers lies here.. I've never used their services or tried them out.. But if you are at wits end, and don't want to ask for help.. give them a shot.. I agree with this page of pointers at least..

So did you get that? Do you have anything you’d like to add? Are you good to go? If so.. Strap in.. Let it ride..

As always.. Knock Hard.. Life is Deaf…

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do You Have What It Takes

To stay strong when everything you know is turned upside down? Can you take your misfortunes and spin it to uplift others? While its easy to get lost in ones own despair remember that its in that particular moment you can show your conviction and uplift others. And all it takes is a simple smile.

My cousin, David, is showing what the power of true conviction is. A teenage boy that is suffering from a severe neck injury and severed nerve that has resulted in him being paralyzed from the shoulders down (a hopefully temporary condition)... At the moment he cannot speak, can move his left arm a little, can move his head, and as always.. smile.. With the loss of so much, he still smiles and carries on in his normal ways to the most of what his current state will allow him to do.. Still the David I've always known..

This tremendous act of will to carry on, to stay strong in the face of certain crisis is astronomically remarkable. Would you do the same? Many people give up in these moments of great despair.. many people fold from a lost less.. But not my cousin.. Not David.. The show of support from his family and friends is remarkable to say the least.. but his actions of putting others before himself, in the form of his interactions with his visitors, he shifts the focus off of the current state he is in.. He answers people's questions and tries to stay current with what the others are doing... Therefore he is putting others before himself.. in a time when many shut themselves off.. True conviction.. An admirable trait that I hope many, if not all of you share... Now these stories are true throughout the world.. and all of history.. but when it hits this close to home I feel like its time to show people the importance of their own drive.

I fully belive David will show what determination can achieve. In the coming days, months, possibly even years. He has a long road ahead of him. He will not be alone. His network of support is there to help him. These situations have a tendency to show what human tenacity can achieve... And that human compassion still exsist.. even though tradgey often is the motivator to see such things.. In a world full of doubt, pity, and the woe is me mentality people can pick up the pieces and start once again...

So how does this article have any substance to you? Well a person can be a shallow as a puddle or deep as an ocean.. One can be a mountain or a sapling.. to solidify one's chances at career, business, creative or what be it success a solid foundation must be laid.. A network of value added peers must be obtained.. The basics of personal interactions must be mastered.. and last but certainly not least.. self confidence..

A solid foundation can be as simple as self research or as invovled as a college degree.. or many for that matter.. But a peice a paper won't get you very far.. The will and drive to succeed will make that happen.. Your friends, family, mentors, coworkers, or even the voices in your head (if there are any).. that will help you when you fall.. Nobody climbs to the top of the world on the first attempt.. People who have been in yours shoes, or have experiences in whatever your endeavors behold.. It really is as simple as good friends that listen.. or paying attention to the mistakes of others.. be intuitive and open minded.. and never believe its truly over...

Remember to treat those in your network with respect... It cannot always be about YOU.. Listen to them as well.. The old addage is true.. You learn more from listening than you do from talking.. So shut up from time to time.. listen.. pay attention.. let your network know that it really is a two way street.. The road to success doesn't have to be a one lane street.. It is mind boggling to think how many people have such horrible people skills.. Is it terrible to be polite? To be considerate? To watch what you say in certain environments? To take an active interest in others lifes as well? I'm not saying to stalk people.. thats a boundaries thing.. some people need to learn those as well.. so if your one of them.. get to googling.. In short.. it's common sense.. use it.. if you feel like your a violator of this on a regular basis.. fix it.. because unless nepotism is in your future.. your screwed already...

As far as self confidence is concerned.. I shouldn't have to talk much more about that.. but if you want to hear that.. click here... and here.. and even here....

Just like David, you can be a leader in a time of despair.. You can set the tone for what is to come.. You can overcome the hurdles.. And you will obtain what you put into this life..

Love Ya Cuz..

As always.. Knock Hard.. Life is Deaf..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Ocean Known As Life

The trials and tribulations of this life often leave us so color blind. Always focused on what’s within our sights and lost in our minds. If your not careful, you’ll lose yourself to far behind. Don’t get lost this time.

This life is an ocean, the mind an anchor.. Tied around your ankle as you fight to stay afloat. This is sad but true. It’s a struggle to keep your head above water.. To stay on track.. Hurdles present themselves at every corner… no ones here to light the candle.. No one is here to show you the way.. Unless you choose to listen.. Inspiration comes in many forms.. They’re unique to each person.. There is no reason to fear the unknown, no reason to panic when the tide begins to rise.. Remember this is your life.. Its time for you to realize that no matter what the circumstances are, you must stay alive.. Its your ocean.. Many are there with you, but only the truly convicted make it to the top… Push, pull, sink, swim, ascend to the top, or sink to the bottom to feed.. That person is up to you.. You’ll never get anywhere waiting for others to climb aboard.. There is no miracle ship that can save you from the ocean..

Life is hard. The issues that arise seem so problematic at the time. But in the rear view of the autobahn of life they’re nothing more than specs in the mirror. Do you understand what I’m saying to you? Obstacles have happened, are happening, and will continue to do so.. It’s how you deal with them that directs your course. I really hope your picking up on this by now..

The only way to realize what you perceive as what you need, is to simply know who you are.. To honestly know what makes you tick.. And you know this already.. To many have quit.. There are several more to follow… every minute of everyday there is someone giving up.. And that’s their right.. I understand that.. But then again I wouldn’t be myself if I resigned to the notion of giving up.. That emotion is the basis, the underlying motivator of the “manic genius syndrome” that I grasp upon..

After years of watching the inevitable happen, I’ve decided to help throw a life line to whoever stumbles across this.. If this speaks to you, and you interpret this correctly.. You have a chance..

I’m tired of people giving up on their dreams for whatever reason.. CHASE THE DREAM! RELENTLESS DRIVE GETS YOU TO THE FINISH LINE!!!!

A helping hand is here. Sink or swim, that’s up to you.

Knock Hard… Life is Deaf….

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Basics: Selling Yourself

Knock.. Knock.. Are you paying attention yet???

You are in the business of selling yourself.

Life is about selling. There is an important difference in the words sale and sell.. sell is to show value, while sale shows a deprecation in value… think about the consumer goods… when something is on sale do you actually believe your making off with the best deal? You must sell yourself however to your clients, bosses, etc… you must show your value.. the consumer good will always decline in value, especially after its bought.. is your career (and subsequently your life) deprecating or growing?

If you answered growing how are you sure? What value is being added? What skills do you bring to the plate? What metrics do you have to show?

If you answered deprecating what do you have to do? No matter what field of work you find yourself in, if you find yourself sitting idly by you will be passed on this autobahn of life… it’s a fact of life.. younger, cheaper, smarter people are nipping at your heels as we speak. You could be giving it your all and still have no option.. remember career trends, look at your industry, and never sell yourself short.. re-gear, re-charge, and reapply yourself.. don’t stall or its all over..

So what are some ways to boost your value? Well that would depend on what your career roadmap looks like. Where do you want to be in the short term, long term, and your ultimate driving factors. Education is the obvious part. That doesn’t mean you have to stay in college and get a doctorate degree…. even though that may help.. but even when you do that you must stay current.. professional organizations are great start. Networking is crucial. No matter what avenue you find yourself in you can guarantee that who you know is just as important as what you know.

Networking - - simple things like LinkedIn and attending conferences, forums, etc. There are thousands of ways to skin this proverbial cat… Just have confidence or your doomed from the start. You must sell yourself… don’t be cocky just confident that you know what your talking about. Things like your attire, speech, and the overall way you carry yourself. How do you carry yourself daily? I hope its with confidence because people can see that from a mile away. And always be friendly. You know those friends that seem to make new friends easily… why is that? Well its not rocket science friends… follow these simple rules: confidence, presence, wit, demeanor, respect, calmness.. easy enough right? Its all the intangible aspects that build a person one wants to be associated with.

Attire - - dress that part man! You wouldn’t show up to an interview in a jeans and a t-shirt would you? I’d hope not. With that being said don’t wear a tux either! I’ve seen both sides of the scale, and from my conversations with hiring mangers you wouldn’t believe how many people fail to carry themselves strongly, dress for failure, and stutter their way through stuff they know… You can’t take a chance on someone who fails at something this simple..

Research - - The more definable your immediate impact can be will do wonders on your selling power. If your organized enough to have the forethought of researching the company, job, etc… you will start off on the right foot with your employer or client.. let them know that you are truly interested by showing that you know what’s up.

That will do for now.. as always.. Knock Hard. Life is Deaf.

Updates: New Links

I’ve decided to expand on the resources here for you guys. I have added new sections such as: employment resources, deals, real estate, and law.

Employment Resources:

Labor Stats and Info
LinkUp - Hidden Jobs
Dice - Tech Jobs
JuJu Job Search

These sites will assist in the search for employment. The labor stats and info link will give you information pertaining to career fields, titles, and much more. Really helps when you do your homework as far as interviewing, etc. LinkUp has corporate jobs not readily visible by job search engines. Dice caters to the technology fields. JuJu is a great job spider that searches the sea of job sites for you. Addeco is a job firm that post its listings. I suggest these sites over the top two, careerbuilder and monster.


Grocery - Smart Source
Grocery - Red Plum
Grocery - Coupons
Travel - Shermans Travel
Retail Me Not

These sites are easily labeled to get you great savings. Ranging from everyday grocery and household items, to travel, and even retail clothing. YOU WILL SAVE MONEY using these sites. I don’t know how else to persuade you into checking this out. Do it, save cash, and do whatever else you want. If you don’t, then your not much a genius then are you?

Real Estate:

Zillow - Great Resource

With the housing market the way it is these days it is who of you to keep an eye on it. it’s a buyers market; however, you need to know if you are looking at a great deal. Keep pushy real estate agents in check with some of your own research. It won’t take you long, and you’ll have an idea of what your looking for. I also suggest using google street view to scope the neighborhood, will save you time and gas money.


Library of Congress

This site gives you access to the laws running thru congress. Get the real scope and validate your own thoughts with this great resource.

All of the links above are free and relatively simple to use. Take a look, save some money, be in the know, and walk the path of the manic genius.. It’s all right here, located to the left.

As always.. knock hard… life is deaf…