Sunday, August 1, 2010

Basics: Selling Yourself

Knock.. Knock.. Are you paying attention yet???

You are in the business of selling yourself.

Life is about selling. There is an important difference in the words sale and sell.. sell is to show value, while sale shows a deprecation in value… think about the consumer goods… when something is on sale do you actually believe your making off with the best deal? You must sell yourself however to your clients, bosses, etc… you must show your value.. the consumer good will always decline in value, especially after its bought.. is your career (and subsequently your life) deprecating or growing?

If you answered growing how are you sure? What value is being added? What skills do you bring to the plate? What metrics do you have to show?

If you answered deprecating what do you have to do? No matter what field of work you find yourself in, if you find yourself sitting idly by you will be passed on this autobahn of life… it’s a fact of life.. younger, cheaper, smarter people are nipping at your heels as we speak. You could be giving it your all and still have no option.. remember career trends, look at your industry, and never sell yourself short.. re-gear, re-charge, and reapply yourself.. don’t stall or its all over..

So what are some ways to boost your value? Well that would depend on what your career roadmap looks like. Where do you want to be in the short term, long term, and your ultimate driving factors. Education is the obvious part. That doesn’t mean you have to stay in college and get a doctorate degree…. even though that may help.. but even when you do that you must stay current.. professional organizations are great start. Networking is crucial. No matter what avenue you find yourself in you can guarantee that who you know is just as important as what you know.

Networking - - simple things like LinkedIn and attending conferences, forums, etc. There are thousands of ways to skin this proverbial cat… Just have confidence or your doomed from the start. You must sell yourself… don’t be cocky just confident that you know what your talking about. Things like your attire, speech, and the overall way you carry yourself. How do you carry yourself daily? I hope its with confidence because people can see that from a mile away. And always be friendly. You know those friends that seem to make new friends easily… why is that? Well its not rocket science friends… follow these simple rules: confidence, presence, wit, demeanor, respect, calmness.. easy enough right? Its all the intangible aspects that build a person one wants to be associated with.

Attire - - dress that part man! You wouldn’t show up to an interview in a jeans and a t-shirt would you? I’d hope not. With that being said don’t wear a tux either! I’ve seen both sides of the scale, and from my conversations with hiring mangers you wouldn’t believe how many people fail to carry themselves strongly, dress for failure, and stutter their way through stuff they know… You can’t take a chance on someone who fails at something this simple..

Research - - The more definable your immediate impact can be will do wonders on your selling power. If your organized enough to have the forethought of researching the company, job, etc… you will start off on the right foot with your employer or client.. let them know that you are truly interested by showing that you know what’s up.

That will do for now.. as always.. Knock Hard. Life is Deaf.

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