Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do You Have What It Takes

To stay strong when everything you know is turned upside down? Can you take your misfortunes and spin it to uplift others? While its easy to get lost in ones own despair remember that its in that particular moment you can show your conviction and uplift others. And all it takes is a simple smile.

My cousin, David, is showing what the power of true conviction is. A teenage boy that is suffering from a severe neck injury and severed nerve that has resulted in him being paralyzed from the shoulders down (a hopefully temporary condition)... At the moment he cannot speak, can move his left arm a little, can move his head, and as always.. smile.. With the loss of so much, he still smiles and carries on in his normal ways to the most of what his current state will allow him to do.. Still the David I've always known..

This tremendous act of will to carry on, to stay strong in the face of certain crisis is astronomically remarkable. Would you do the same? Many people give up in these moments of great despair.. many people fold from a lost less.. But not my cousin.. Not David.. The show of support from his family and friends is remarkable to say the least.. but his actions of putting others before himself, in the form of his interactions with his visitors, he shifts the focus off of the current state he is in.. He answers people's questions and tries to stay current with what the others are doing... Therefore he is putting others before himself.. in a time when many shut themselves off.. True conviction.. An admirable trait that I hope many, if not all of you share... Now these stories are true throughout the world.. and all of history.. but when it hits this close to home I feel like its time to show people the importance of their own drive.

I fully belive David will show what determination can achieve. In the coming days, months, possibly even years. He has a long road ahead of him. He will not be alone. His network of support is there to help him. These situations have a tendency to show what human tenacity can achieve... And that human compassion still exsist.. even though tradgey often is the motivator to see such things.. In a world full of doubt, pity, and the woe is me mentality people can pick up the pieces and start once again...

So how does this article have any substance to you? Well a person can be a shallow as a puddle or deep as an ocean.. One can be a mountain or a sapling.. to solidify one's chances at career, business, creative or what be it success a solid foundation must be laid.. A network of value added peers must be obtained.. The basics of personal interactions must be mastered.. and last but certainly not least.. self confidence..

A solid foundation can be as simple as self research or as invovled as a college degree.. or many for that matter.. But a peice a paper won't get you very far.. The will and drive to succeed will make that happen.. Your friends, family, mentors, coworkers, or even the voices in your head (if there are any).. that will help you when you fall.. Nobody climbs to the top of the world on the first attempt.. People who have been in yours shoes, or have experiences in whatever your endeavors behold.. It really is as simple as good friends that listen.. or paying attention to the mistakes of others.. be intuitive and open minded.. and never believe its truly over...

Remember to treat those in your network with respect... It cannot always be about YOU.. Listen to them as well.. The old addage is true.. You learn more from listening than you do from talking.. So shut up from time to time.. listen.. pay attention.. let your network know that it really is a two way street.. The road to success doesn't have to be a one lane street.. It is mind boggling to think how many people have such horrible people skills.. Is it terrible to be polite? To be considerate? To watch what you say in certain environments? To take an active interest in others lifes as well? I'm not saying to stalk people.. thats a boundaries thing.. some people need to learn those as well.. so if your one of them.. get to googling.. In short.. it's common sense.. use it.. if you feel like your a violator of this on a regular basis.. fix it.. because unless nepotism is in your future.. your screwed already...

As far as self confidence is concerned.. I shouldn't have to talk much more about that.. but if you want to hear that.. click here... and here.. and even here....

Just like David, you can be a leader in a time of despair.. You can set the tone for what is to come.. You can overcome the hurdles.. And you will obtain what you put into this life..

Love Ya Cuz..

As always.. Knock Hard.. Life is Deaf..

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