Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Ocean Known As Life

The trials and tribulations of this life often leave us so color blind. Always focused on what’s within our sights and lost in our minds. If your not careful, you’ll lose yourself to far behind. Don’t get lost this time.

This life is an ocean, the mind an anchor.. Tied around your ankle as you fight to stay afloat. This is sad but true. It’s a struggle to keep your head above water.. To stay on track.. Hurdles present themselves at every corner… no ones here to light the candle.. No one is here to show you the way.. Unless you choose to listen.. Inspiration comes in many forms.. They’re unique to each person.. There is no reason to fear the unknown, no reason to panic when the tide begins to rise.. Remember this is your life.. Its time for you to realize that no matter what the circumstances are, you must stay alive.. Its your ocean.. Many are there with you, but only the truly convicted make it to the top… Push, pull, sink, swim, ascend to the top, or sink to the bottom to feed.. That person is up to you.. You’ll never get anywhere waiting for others to climb aboard.. There is no miracle ship that can save you from the ocean..

Life is hard. The issues that arise seem so problematic at the time. But in the rear view of the autobahn of life they’re nothing more than specs in the mirror. Do you understand what I’m saying to you? Obstacles have happened, are happening, and will continue to do so.. It’s how you deal with them that directs your course. I really hope your picking up on this by now..

The only way to realize what you perceive as what you need, is to simply know who you are.. To honestly know what makes you tick.. And you know this already.. To many have quit.. There are several more to follow… every minute of everyday there is someone giving up.. And that’s their right.. I understand that.. But then again I wouldn’t be myself if I resigned to the notion of giving up.. That emotion is the basis, the underlying motivator of the “manic genius syndrome” that I grasp upon..

After years of watching the inevitable happen, I’ve decided to help throw a life line to whoever stumbles across this.. If this speaks to you, and you interpret this correctly.. You have a chance..

I’m tired of people giving up on their dreams for whatever reason.. CHASE THE DREAM! RELENTLESS DRIVE GETS YOU TO THE FINISH LINE!!!!

A helping hand is here. Sink or swim, that’s up to you.

Knock Hard… Life is Deaf….


  1. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks friend. :)

  2. Your welcome! Thanks for the being first person to comment! And remember that if there is any specific topics you'd like to discuss, just let me know.