Sunday, August 1, 2010

Updates: New Links

I’ve decided to expand on the resources here for you guys. I have added new sections such as: employment resources, deals, real estate, and law.

Employment Resources:

Labor Stats and Info
LinkUp - Hidden Jobs
Dice - Tech Jobs
JuJu Job Search

These sites will assist in the search for employment. The labor stats and info link will give you information pertaining to career fields, titles, and much more. Really helps when you do your homework as far as interviewing, etc. LinkUp has corporate jobs not readily visible by job search engines. Dice caters to the technology fields. JuJu is a great job spider that searches the sea of job sites for you. Addeco is a job firm that post its listings. I suggest these sites over the top two, careerbuilder and monster.


Grocery - Smart Source
Grocery - Red Plum
Grocery - Coupons
Travel - Shermans Travel
Retail Me Not

These sites are easily labeled to get you great savings. Ranging from everyday grocery and household items, to travel, and even retail clothing. YOU WILL SAVE MONEY using these sites. I don’t know how else to persuade you into checking this out. Do it, save cash, and do whatever else you want. If you don’t, then your not much a genius then are you?

Real Estate:

Zillow - Great Resource

With the housing market the way it is these days it is who of you to keep an eye on it. it’s a buyers market; however, you need to know if you are looking at a great deal. Keep pushy real estate agents in check with some of your own research. It won’t take you long, and you’ll have an idea of what your looking for. I also suggest using google street view to scope the neighborhood, will save you time and gas money.


Library of Congress

This site gives you access to the laws running thru congress. Get the real scope and validate your own thoughts with this great resource.

All of the links above are free and relatively simple to use. Take a look, save some money, be in the know, and walk the path of the manic genius.. It’s all right here, located to the left.

As always.. knock hard… life is deaf…

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