Sunday, September 5, 2010

Freefalling Through Life

You go to high school.. Then you either get a job, join the military, or go to college.. Quite simple right? Well as any adult will tell you.. Wrong.. It’s a complex world out there.. There is no black and white guideline for you to follow.. It feels like your on top of the world at graduation day.. Then quickly realize that your actually freefalling.. Life comes at you hard.. It’s not as easy as you thought it would be.. But that’s no excuse for just wildly falling down.. Away from what you want to do, what you can do.. You just need to turn it into a controlled freefall.. To align yourself with what you actually want.. Then actually you’ll start climbing back up…

Look we all know the daily grind right? Well if not here is a quick recap of some of the very basic highlights for you… Bills are not a joke.. Your credit score defines you.. Your skills will open or close the doors to dreams.. Determination makes achieving happen.. Work is a necessity not an option.. Well if your not from a trust fund situation that is..

Okay are you caught up? Good.. We have covered the extreme basics of what you will need to succeed.. And chances are that if your reading this article, who know all of the above.. And you know what I’m trying to spill right? Perhaps.. Perhaps not..

Do you know that overwhelming chaos that seems to push you down the mountain of life? It has to push you down, because its that helpless feeling when you have no idea what to do.. And many people stall out.. Just continue to fall down this proverbial mountain.. But not you guys.. Not if you read this blog.. We’re not about that..

What makes us manic? What makes us different from all of the others? We simply refuse to let it stop us dead in our tracks.. But if you find yourself at a crossroad.. That impassable impasse.. I’m going to give you a checklist of resources to help guide you.. If your about to graduate high school, college or transition from the military this basic checklist should cover the basic necessities in which your about to face…

Life (Food, Clothing, Rent/Buy Home)

Go to the deals section of this site..

Boys and girls remember that food, clothing, car, and your home are not cheap.. Budget accordingly.. If you are completely consumed with partying, or shopping.. Budget accordingly.. Be prepared for a lifestyle shift.. So many people shoot for the I want it all mentality and screw up their opportunities due to this.. Trust me.. The more prepared you are the “easier” the challenges in this life will be… And please try not to live on loans..

Worried about some of those bills?

Check out the Online TV and Movies Section and this article

Resume (Tips and pointers)

Check out this article

Work (, Employment Links)

I seriously hope you’ve already scoped some of these sites out.. If not check out the employment resources section..

Military Options

There is help for the veterans and active members out there.. You should of heard about this by now.. But if not here you go..

USAA - insurance, banking, and financial advice..

Military Job Placement Firms - Do a keyword search scout them out.. My favorite is Bradley Morris. There are several to browse and talk to.. They offer you a more options, and the benefit of actually using and expanding on the talents you've aquired from your military service!

Self Start (SBA, etc)

Okay for those wanting to shoot for stars now check out the business section..


Know what you want to do? Read this article.


Talk to your family, friends, and run some calculations.. This is solely up to you.. But for some number crunching help check out the calculators section..

So know I hope you can see one of the many, many ways you can utilize this blog to your advantage.. Its about inspiring you to propel up that mountain.. To give this life a real go.. To achieve what you have set out to achieve.. And of course to provide a helping hand along the way.. I’m not here to waste your time with lackluster personal details.. But value added resources, insight, and well whatever else you may draw from this.. I’m sure more detailed coverage on the above topics will be covered thoroughly in the future..

As always.. Knock Hard.. Life is Deaf..

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