Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Been Awhile

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But don't fret.. Don't efface this blog.. Or yourself.. It's... I'm... Still here.. Guess its about time to get back on track.. It seems like my content is falling on deaf ears these days.. Well if this is the case.. To bad I guess.. I shall continue to open my thoughts.. my mindset.. and emanate as usual... Your dedication to self motivation may continue to be diaphanous.. But not mine.. Rest assured.. I'm still agog.. My expectations are still Brobdingnagian.. Is it that the mental jactation is difficult to follow??? Does the blog strike you as to augural?? Is it to quaggy or do i come across as to harsh?? I'm sure some of you may see a hint of anacoluthia.. It's the style I felt would keep attention.. A different take from the typical reading you'll be doing.. Do yourself a favor and pay attention.. join in the conversation.. Don't live to rue the day that you've lost the will to strive.. to aspire.. to influence.. to think out loud..

If so.. Please remember where you are at... This is manic.. it's in the title.. And I'm not joking... Real content.. real thoughts.. real hope.. real aspiration.. For you.. For me..

And on that note.. There is a new "tool" for the readers to use.. A dictionary widget.. So if you stumble across a word that evades you at the moment, you can keep on track.. Because, as you know, I throw the occasional big word.. just to keep you guys on your toes...

Also note the other changes.. ReCareered blog for those interested at an HR insider perspective.. Has "insider" hints and tips for the job seeker... Hyperbole and a Half blog for a unique brand of humor.. Crappy art and well crafted funny story lines lead to enjoyably absurd comic bits..  Both are interesting sites and worth checking out.. They don't know me.. Never heard from me.. But are well worth checking them out..

Knock.. Knock.. Kid.. I'm here...

As always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf... 
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