Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Take It Off

That defense mechanism.. That shield that protects you from acting out.. The rules that keep you overly cautious.. Take it off.. That shroud of doubt you have yourself cloaked in.. Find yourself in a hole downtown.. in the corner of your mind.. on the net.. wherever.. whenever you feel..

This kid says it best...

Now that you've seen his example.. I shall explain my point..

We all have a tendency to play the devil's advocate... To put up a false front.. It's human nature.. and most of the time.. its a necessity.. We bite our lip.. hold our tongue.. When really want to say something.. Appearances matter.. Your views matter.. Well pretty much everything you do can be held for or against you..

But what about you.. Your individuality? Your point of view? You thoughts? We place ourselves in cages.. Our own little prisons.. not all the time.. but from time to time.. I'm sure you can rattle off countless reasons for why... At the same time you know what you miss.. It's different for each person.. It's part of growing up.. This is true.. And you don't lose yourself over night..

It happens to the best of us... All of us.. But as the kid above clearly points out.. It doesn't have to be that way.. You can still do whatever you want to do...

Life is a rat race at best.. Some people actually believe they have all the answers.. Truth is.. Nobody does.. It's the risk, rewards, and chance that make life as interesting as it is... But to be clear.. You dictate your circumstances over the long haul.. The road to redemption, happiness, self destruction, etc.. Is all up to you.. It' your spin on everything..

I keep talking about drive.. The need to be driven.. And look.. to be honest.. I get burnt out just like everyone else.. But that doesn't make it acceptable to stop.. But that's what makes a person's character that much more profound.. The will to keep pressing forward..

I've had a interesting last couple of months.. To say the very least.. And I know so many others have as well.. But those that keep pushing onward continue to grow.. And those that stall out.. stagnate.. That mountain won't climb itself.. The rut your in won't magically disappear.. Those that honestly believe that if they close their eyes.. It'll all just go away... Are sadly misguided..

Stop making excuses.. Knuckle up.. Keep climbing.. Reclaim yourself.. Continue to grow.. Find yourself.. Re-invent if you must.. But uncloak yourself.. NOW.. before its to late..

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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