Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who Are You?

What defines you? Do you have the answer yet? An old friend shared a gem of wisdom on Labor Day.. That work is who you are; not what you do to earn a living...

Now I'm a firm believer in that the Renaissance Man isn’t dead... The thought of people only being able to excel in one arena is laughable... But how do you know which of your talents, passions, or dreams should take the lead role? Have you found yourself second guessing your career choices?

Now with the right motivating factors propelling you.. You can do anything.. Right? Hey food has to get on the table somehow… Unfortunately the answers to life’s difficult questions are not kenspeckle.. These roads are windy, dim light, and unmarked… At times it seems like your adrift in the ocean.. The compass is busted.. The stars are hidden.. And your just along for the ride..

But there lies something inside of everyone.. A talent, buried.. Hidden.. Concealed from the masses.. Or perhaps its been pampered, taught, or performed with such frequency that it has become second nature.. My point is very simple… Everyone has something unique to offer.. It could be your thought process, a particular skill, a knack for something, anything..

Most of the time, those that lack self confidence down play their own abilities.. This is something that should be avoided.. I’m not saying that you should claim to be the alpha and omega in your skill… Arrogance never helped a soul.. And won’t start working now.. It’s a slippery slope we’re all on.. Life is no fairy tale.. And we all make choices that inevitably go against ones own vested interest.. But that’s how you learn…

Back to the renaissance man topic… How many of you find yourself drawn to multiple industries, topics, etc? How many go the extra mile and actively pursue something in multiple fields? I admire the people that work a full time job and still go to college classes and some even raise families to boot! I love the fact that people work in one particular field and find the time to write blogs, books, memoirs, poems, etc… I admire those of you who work to put food on the table and still dare to chase the dream. Be it playing music, writing, photography, etc..

But that still leaves us with that gem of wisdom.. work is who you are; not what you do to earn a living... This was re-interated to me last night.. it has stuck with me all day.. It's so true.. You must do what you love to do.. Not what you don't.. I understand that it can take time to develop into what you may want to do.. But then again that comes down to the factors a person prioritizes their objectives by.. And honestly this journey we're on would be dull if it wasn't for the conflicts we face from time to time..

So I ask again.. What defines you? Do you still have the same answer? If your wanting to answer the question immediately with another question of your own.. your answer is simply no.. So in short, do what you love for a living. Do what you love period.. for free if you must.. You all have talents.. find them.. share them.. You'll be satified in the end..

Now for a moment of zen.. compliments of my new assistant.. Zemanta.. mad props to blogger..

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As always... Knock Hard.. Life is Deaf...

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