Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shouting Upon Deaf Ears

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*Tap... Tap* 

Is this thing on?

I realize that I can come across as a pretentious, self-consumed, wannabe know it all, ego manic. It’s cool, I get it. For all my faults, I’ve tried to do the right thing. If blowing up my little area of cyberspace, trying to express my thoughts, perspectives, and insights on things classifies me as the above… So be it. This was started for one simple reason… To motivate myself and others looking to make sense out of everything around them. As usual I’m still sitting here, all alone in this crowded room… On the outside looking in… Trying to understand why those around me don’t realize the room is on fire…

At times people say life is simple. They have these categories they like to refer to. Everything will be okay, just because… Seems nice really… They’re completely full of shit… But it’s a nice thought…
Others say life is complicated. The degree of complexity is the undetermined factor here. They’re right, it is complicated… Sometimes we make it way more complicated than it has to be… But hey, without drama we’d feel ignored right?

Either view point is acceptable. These days we accept anything. Think about it… Here are some small examples.
            It is acceptable to dream big and immediately quit because it got hard.
            It is acceptable to say or do whatever you want to someone, as long as you ask forgiveness.
            It is acceptable to promise and never deliver.
It is acceptable to have one’s own political, social, or religious views as long as those views are never discussed openly.
It is acceptable to underachieve.
It is acceptable to brush of responsibility.
It is acceptable to fear repercussion.
It is acceptable to….

You get the idea. The room is filled with talk… lots of it. Some talk bigger than others and few back it up. Some things will never change… ever… I respect those that refuse to accept this… The few of you that actually share my discontent with the hypocrisy you see daily… We reward those that go against the very grain we supposedly built this nation on. As a whole we draw battle lines in the dirt just to box ourselves in further. Everything a person does can and will influence them down the road. That is if you ever get out of the damn drive way.

Quite frankly I’m tired of seeing this shit everyday… Just accepting things because “that’s life” or “that’s just the way it is” bullshit that we toss up to deflect giving a real answer. Now I know that many (if not most) people will never read this because this article is closing in on 500 words… Ha… Maybe I should just youtube some sense into people. Reading is a lost art… just like soft skills… professionalism… honesty… or any other thing you want to put in this category. I’m amazed that people honestly think that just complaining about things will actually influence it… that all of our problems stem from government officials… that they got cheated in life because they made poor choices… or that the world is out to get them…. NEWS FLASH…… The world doesn’t even know you exist!!! Know why is that?

Simple things like forgetting how to drive on a daily basis, not thinking before you speak, and actually believing that just because you chose to be a raging ass you should get your way (plug for business and retail peeps, right there) are not acceptable… and since its cumulative, emulated, and carried forward it has created the shittiest environment for people… Not to mention the epic failure this and past generation leaders have created for my current generation… which is largely populated by media, trend driven, self-absorbed, not to mention completely lost personalities. Awesome.. Thanks guys… Can’t be taken serious because management is uber-conservative now… not when they were your age… but now… to succeed one must be exceptionally brilliant and exceptionally reserved…  A world of young politicians with a penchant to emulate the mistakes of those that went before them. LAME…

Now I personally DO NOT CARE what somebody’s political, social, or even religious priorities lie. That has nothing to do with what I’m saying. I am simply trying to show some minor examples at why we are programmed for continued failure… especially if you go with the traditional route… This is my opinion…
Ideas spark improvement. Open conversation shape ideas. Eliminate the battle lines and as a whole we stand a chance… But nay it won’t happen… Improve yourself… Pick a path... Give ‘em Hell… At least a person or a few people can make a real go at it… And for those that are offended… Good you actually read it… Just trying to inspire… Because I’ve been knocking my head real damn hard for a few people to realize something… but alas… they must be deaf…

Please feel free to vent, express your views, or something… Tis a shame one has to rant this much to get a damn point across isn’t it?


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Video Games and You

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From Madden to Medal of Honor, what do your favorite video games say about you? Video games come in every genre imaginable. Each appeal to people for various reasons and a gamers preference can say a lot about them. This can be further evaluated by their playing style. What does your game choice and playing style say about you?

Most of us have played some video of some kind. Today’s games are greatly evolved from the Atari and pinball machines of days past. The approach to the games may or may not of evolved all that much though. The underlying characteristics of a person show through during game play. Strange I know, but it is so true.

Players can approach their game as they would in real life or like they wish they could. Strategies are varied, just like all of us. Some chose to run and gun, taking chances at every corner. Others chose to strategize, play cautiously to minimize their risk. Some love the thrill of a quick match, and grow tired of long drawn out cut scenes. Others take their time to soak up the virtual worlds they find themselves engulfed in.

One of my personal favorites is the Fallout Series. More specifically, Fallout 3. The world you’re emerged in is truly unique. The choices you decide ultimately affect the skills, abilities, and eventually the outcome of the game itself. My playing style actually does reflect my traits in real life. The mental processes I use daily. I try to play realistically, calculating my actions on a risk and reward basis. I don’t have to do this. I chose to play that way. I feel comfortable that way.

In Madden, a football game, I am a pass heavy offense. Once again I wonder why? Well it’s all about the calculated risk and reward system. If I chose a mobile quarterback, I have the best of both worlds. Everything play is based off of my thoughts, not actually NFL knowledge because I’ve never suited up to play football for a school of any kind. Others disagree whole heartedly with this strategy. Hey to each their own.

Medal of Honor, a first person shooter war game, is open to any number of styles. Ultimately you can guess how I approach this. Realistically, playing to what I feel is my real world strengths. Do you see a pattern here?

Guitar Hero, a musician style game, I always chose to be the guitar or bass player. Now why would that be the case? Well I’d rather be a key player, get a majority of the spotlight, without the hassles of being the front man or the responsibilities of keeping the band locked together by drumming away. Not to mention I have no rhythm and my vocal skills are lacking. So once again, I chose to stick to my real world strengths.

Now you can dissect how you play, why you play that way, and the subconscious reasons for it. Something as simple as mindless relaxation can decode a portion of your skill sets, motivators, and tendencies that you present daily to those around you. Amazing how the little things can give you so much insight isn’t it?

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…

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Personal Development

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Personal development is something talked about, read about, and rarely carried out. I have a tendency to jot down short term goals, long term goals, and then promptly forget about that list. Isn’t it ironic that you know it’s important to do, but still conveniently forget about it? We all have skill sets that need to be worked on… Why is it that we take so long to actually do it?

Now I’m not saying that we don’t eventually do it… Actually I find myself still working on the list without even thinking about it. Some subconscious impulse to do this, or get this done that pushes me to complete at least some aspect of the previous list jotted down at some random moment. I assume it’s because I know the importance of following through with it.

You can go college, develop a skill set in high school or your free time but if you never practice it you get “rusty” eventually. Actually all of the above are true for me. Now sometimes it’s as easy as riding a bike. You just have to go through the motions and it will come back to you. In other cases technology progress, new versions are released, and you’re left in the dust.

It’s is crucial to stay abreast the current technology. It’s equally important to keep prior skills maintained. A well rounded skill set will keep you current with your chosen field’s trends, and give you a unique advantage over others you have slipped. Everything is affected this way. From your resume to the way you interact. This is clearly evident in the social networking phenomenon we are all currently living in. How does it directly affect you?

Job Searching: Online job searching is rampant. Numerous case studies prove that companies turn to the internet instead of coming in and filling out an application. So how do you get your resume in their hands? Well there are many options at your disposal. I have a few listed on to the left here.

LinkedIn: It has becoming more than a nice business networking tool. Strategies are formed solely this site. Numerous HR big wigs rave about the usefulness of this site. There are even online companies that coach you on how to maximize your online searches using SEO and LinkedIn.

LinkUp: A new alternative for careerbuilder and monster types. Corporate direct searches that actually give you real information about the jobs you’re looking at.

BLS: That’s right. The Bureau of Labor Statistics will give you facts about your or anyone other field. Information from the government that will actually help you for a change. Nice eh?

Blogs: Blogs, Blogs, Blogs… They give insight straight from the people you live and breathe the HR game. I have one on the left to start you off. Once you get a feel, you can search out others and develop your own strategy and attach the workforce.

Social Network: Chances are that you found this site via Facebook. Well that’s no coincidence. Social networking can actually give you information at your fingertips. The minds of many, working for you..

Delicious: A social bookmarking sight. Sounds lame right? Well actually it isn’t. The world of bookmarks provides so much information for you’re to browse at your leisure. Each is broken up via categories or ‘tags” and will take you to the topic you’ve decided to view. If you like it, you can bookmark it for future reference as well.

LinkedIn: Yep again. Networking for your career is important. Use it or you could be missing out on contacts that could prove beneficial one day. Not to mention the interesting people you come across and would like to keep in contact with.

Facebook: The mother of all social networking sights at the moment. Friends, family, businesses, bands, etc. are all on this bandwagon. You can promote, as I have, keep in contact with everyone you know and even waste time all right here.

Blogs: Yep also again. This outlet lets people discuss, convey, promote, or do whatever they desire largely for free. Blogs aren’t as popular as they once were. Hopefully that doesn’t stay that way. They range from family updates, to full blown business ventures and can be as cheap as free!

Computing: Technology changes fast. Be sure to stay up to date with the current trends so you won’t be lost.

Microsoft Works: Changes occur every 3 to 4 years. Outlook for your email, Word for your documents, etc., Powerpoint for presentation, blah blah. Everyone is familiar with the basic package. The interface changes are drastic from 2002 to 2010. Not enough to completely derail a person, but significant enough to cause a problem for many people. So checkout their online videos to stay current. And note it on your resume. Newer is better. It is easier to go backwards then it is to go forwards, ya dig?

Programming: If you are a tech nerd like me, it is important to stay on top of the current software. So be aware of where to get the tools you need. For free and legal preferably. So check out the development section at Microsoft.

Additional Resources: Are everywhere. Google the net, use the search tool above, or any of the resources located on the left. You won’t be completely lost for long if you search for it. There are free tools for everything. There is even a site with free software to streamline writing a novel.

Well that will do it for now. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Apply the personal development list to your advantage. It could range from LEAN SIX SIGMA processes, Management Processes, Emotional Intelligence Quizzes, Survival Guides, Technique Development, etc. Be sure to continue your learning curve, for it is never ending.

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Decoding The Human Element

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I keep asking myself, how do I get there? There is really indefinable. This is due to the human element. Which I define as the never satisfied, to and fro, unpredictable logic that drives us all.

This blog in one tool I use to evaluate myself. It is no secret that I love to write. I use my scribbling, rants, blogs, poems, etc. to gain invaluable insight to myself. And to try to understand the times, people, and places in my life. Believe it or not, I think it has worked so far. I’ve captured every emotion on paper. Encrypted, coded, and hidden in the use of various metaphors. Stories that tell a very real, very true story about a certain time in my life, but everything is open to interpretation. Every time I revisit something I’ve wrote I can recall that exact emotion. The feelings, the thoughts all come back to life. The memories live on. And will after I’m gone.

The great thing about all of them though is the fact that they are all open to the interpretation of the reader. A good poem, story, etc. will evoke the readers mind to whatever strikes them. It engages their minds, their memories. It creates a lasting effect, a meaningful creation from one person to another. Great books, poems, and especially music have this effect on us. Even if you were to look at what you’ve written later in life, you could have a new take away on it. Reflection is possibly the greatest thing a person could do. It can recharge, re-inspire, provide valuable insight, and allow for re-prioritizing what is important to you.

I’ve always said that nobody knows you better than you. So why not evaluate yourself? Is what you want now, what you wanted back then? Why or why not? Trust me, this works. You will always have yourself. So reflect. Ask yourself the questions. You know the answers.

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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