Monday, October 4, 2010

Decoding The Human Element

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I keep asking myself, how do I get there? There is really indefinable. This is due to the human element. Which I define as the never satisfied, to and fro, unpredictable logic that drives us all.

This blog in one tool I use to evaluate myself. It is no secret that I love to write. I use my scribbling, rants, blogs, poems, etc. to gain invaluable insight to myself. And to try to understand the times, people, and places in my life. Believe it or not, I think it has worked so far. I’ve captured every emotion on paper. Encrypted, coded, and hidden in the use of various metaphors. Stories that tell a very real, very true story about a certain time in my life, but everything is open to interpretation. Every time I revisit something I’ve wrote I can recall that exact emotion. The feelings, the thoughts all come back to life. The memories live on. And will after I’m gone.

The great thing about all of them though is the fact that they are all open to the interpretation of the reader. A good poem, story, etc. will evoke the readers mind to whatever strikes them. It engages their minds, their memories. It creates a lasting effect, a meaningful creation from one person to another. Great books, poems, and especially music have this effect on us. Even if you were to look at what you’ve written later in life, you could have a new take away on it. Reflection is possibly the greatest thing a person could do. It can recharge, re-inspire, provide valuable insight, and allow for re-prioritizing what is important to you.

I’ve always said that nobody knows you better than you. So why not evaluate yourself? Is what you want now, what you wanted back then? Why or why not? Trust me, this works. You will always have yourself. So reflect. Ask yourself the questions. You know the answers.

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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