Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shouting Upon Deaf Ears

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*Tap... Tap* 

Is this thing on?

I realize that I can come across as a pretentious, self-consumed, wannabe know it all, ego manic. It’s cool, I get it. For all my faults, I’ve tried to do the right thing. If blowing up my little area of cyberspace, trying to express my thoughts, perspectives, and insights on things classifies me as the above… So be it. This was started for one simple reason… To motivate myself and others looking to make sense out of everything around them. As usual I’m still sitting here, all alone in this crowded room… On the outside looking in… Trying to understand why those around me don’t realize the room is on fire…

At times people say life is simple. They have these categories they like to refer to. Everything will be okay, just because… Seems nice really… They’re completely full of shit… But it’s a nice thought…
Others say life is complicated. The degree of complexity is the undetermined factor here. They’re right, it is complicated… Sometimes we make it way more complicated than it has to be… But hey, without drama we’d feel ignored right?

Either view point is acceptable. These days we accept anything. Think about it… Here are some small examples.
            It is acceptable to dream big and immediately quit because it got hard.
            It is acceptable to say or do whatever you want to someone, as long as you ask forgiveness.
            It is acceptable to promise and never deliver.
It is acceptable to have one’s own political, social, or religious views as long as those views are never discussed openly.
It is acceptable to underachieve.
It is acceptable to brush of responsibility.
It is acceptable to fear repercussion.
It is acceptable to….

You get the idea. The room is filled with talk… lots of it. Some talk bigger than others and few back it up. Some things will never change… ever… I respect those that refuse to accept this… The few of you that actually share my discontent with the hypocrisy you see daily… We reward those that go against the very grain we supposedly built this nation on. As a whole we draw battle lines in the dirt just to box ourselves in further. Everything a person does can and will influence them down the road. That is if you ever get out of the damn drive way.

Quite frankly I’m tired of seeing this shit everyday… Just accepting things because “that’s life” or “that’s just the way it is” bullshit that we toss up to deflect giving a real answer. Now I know that many (if not most) people will never read this because this article is closing in on 500 words… Ha… Maybe I should just youtube some sense into people. Reading is a lost art… just like soft skills… professionalism… honesty… or any other thing you want to put in this category. I’m amazed that people honestly think that just complaining about things will actually influence it… that all of our problems stem from government officials… that they got cheated in life because they made poor choices… or that the world is out to get them…. NEWS FLASH…… The world doesn’t even know you exist!!! Know why is that?

Simple things like forgetting how to drive on a daily basis, not thinking before you speak, and actually believing that just because you chose to be a raging ass you should get your way (plug for business and retail peeps, right there) are not acceptable… and since its cumulative, emulated, and carried forward it has created the shittiest environment for people… Not to mention the epic failure this and past generation leaders have created for my current generation… which is largely populated by media, trend driven, self-absorbed, not to mention completely lost personalities. Awesome.. Thanks guys… Can’t be taken serious because management is uber-conservative now… not when they were your age… but now… to succeed one must be exceptionally brilliant and exceptionally reserved…  A world of young politicians with a penchant to emulate the mistakes of those that went before them. LAME…

Now I personally DO NOT CARE what somebody’s political, social, or even religious priorities lie. That has nothing to do with what I’m saying. I am simply trying to show some minor examples at why we are programmed for continued failure… especially if you go with the traditional route… This is my opinion…
Ideas spark improvement. Open conversation shape ideas. Eliminate the battle lines and as a whole we stand a chance… But nay it won’t happen… Improve yourself… Pick a path... Give ‘em Hell… At least a person or a few people can make a real go at it… And for those that are offended… Good you actually read it… Just trying to inspire… Because I’ve been knocking my head real damn hard for a few people to realize something… but alas… they must be deaf…

Please feel free to vent, express your views, or something… Tis a shame one has to rant this much to get a damn point across isn’t it?


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