Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Video Games and You

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From Madden to Medal of Honor, what do your favorite video games say about you? Video games come in every genre imaginable. Each appeal to people for various reasons and a gamers preference can say a lot about them. This can be further evaluated by their playing style. What does your game choice and playing style say about you?

Most of us have played some video of some kind. Today’s games are greatly evolved from the Atari and pinball machines of days past. The approach to the games may or may not of evolved all that much though. The underlying characteristics of a person show through during game play. Strange I know, but it is so true.

Players can approach their game as they would in real life or like they wish they could. Strategies are varied, just like all of us. Some chose to run and gun, taking chances at every corner. Others chose to strategize, play cautiously to minimize their risk. Some love the thrill of a quick match, and grow tired of long drawn out cut scenes. Others take their time to soak up the virtual worlds they find themselves engulfed in.

One of my personal favorites is the Fallout Series. More specifically, Fallout 3. The world you’re emerged in is truly unique. The choices you decide ultimately affect the skills, abilities, and eventually the outcome of the game itself. My playing style actually does reflect my traits in real life. The mental processes I use daily. I try to play realistically, calculating my actions on a risk and reward basis. I don’t have to do this. I chose to play that way. I feel comfortable that way.

In Madden, a football game, I am a pass heavy offense. Once again I wonder why? Well it’s all about the calculated risk and reward system. If I chose a mobile quarterback, I have the best of both worlds. Everything play is based off of my thoughts, not actually NFL knowledge because I’ve never suited up to play football for a school of any kind. Others disagree whole heartedly with this strategy. Hey to each their own.

Medal of Honor, a first person shooter war game, is open to any number of styles. Ultimately you can guess how I approach this. Realistically, playing to what I feel is my real world strengths. Do you see a pattern here?

Guitar Hero, a musician style game, I always chose to be the guitar or bass player. Now why would that be the case? Well I’d rather be a key player, get a majority of the spotlight, without the hassles of being the front man or the responsibilities of keeping the band locked together by drumming away. Not to mention I have no rhythm and my vocal skills are lacking. So once again, I chose to stick to my real world strengths.

Now you can dissect how you play, why you play that way, and the subconscious reasons for it. Something as simple as mindless relaxation can decode a portion of your skill sets, motivators, and tendencies that you present daily to those around you. Amazing how the little things can give you so much insight isn’t it?

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…

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