Friday, November 12, 2010 Preview

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I've simply stumbled across it and would like to show you what it does. It can use word files, pdf, etc. Browse their site for a full detailed rundown of their services. I currently use the free version. This could be entertaining, or used to set you apart from the pack. Of course, this is strictly up to you. Hell, even create your own digital magazine!

The formatting is a little off. But the general idea is pushed across. You can use to make digital publications of anything you want. It can even contain other types of media. I find this site tremendously entertaining. I encourage you to use it for your creative needs. You can create a library of photo books, reports, anything... and chose to keep it private or share it with the world. Not bad for a free flip page software for your digital publishing needs.

If you're a photographer I do believe it adds a new perspective for you. If you are in business, you can create catalogs or present data in a new light. Face it, PowerPoint is pretty lame. Use it to house your poetry, reports, brochures, stories, music sheet, or anything else you want.

*** Report above is a transfered word document formatted school report from back in the day***

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