Thursday, November 18, 2010

Success and Breathing

Watch this. Then think. Read some. Think some more. Comment if you feel inclined to do so.

 Ladies and gentlemen, I present a unique take on what I’ve been trying to say, from Eric Thomas. This is the first video clip that I've ever seen of him. I can say without a doubt that Mr. Thomas has a great presence, a great message, and great delivery. If it doesn't make you think, you weren't listening. 

Since the ocean is a common backdrop in my stories, his speech is right on par with my message. Determination goes hand and hand with your individual success. Nobody, this includes family and any guru, can give you success. It is simply earned. If it was just handed to you, you would lose it. This is simply because you value what you earn. It takes effort, will, determination, and drive to achieve your dreams. I hope your takeaway from my message, and that of Eric Thomas, resonate loudly with you. Success doesn’t necessarily come in the form of money. It can be your family, your art, your writing, or whatever you want to achieve. It’s never easy, but nothing worth anything is. Life and everything you encounter in it is complicated. Those who overcome, adapt, and achieve never give up, they never give in to the easy way out. I hope you all truly believe this. It’s okay not to have the drive…. Well that’s a lie… Not in my eyes… It’s not okay to merely slide thru life… Do what must be done, to achieve what you want in the end!

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf… 

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