Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Manic Style Delicious RSS Collaboration

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In a city that never sleeps, and a world that moves so fast, how do you keep on top of your trade? What sets you apart from the flock?

A great question has been posed for your pondering. Mull it over as I am left wondering how it is you do what you do. From social media sites, networking tools, interesting news sites, and clever know how articles the world is filled with diamonds in the rough that often stay hidden for all the wrong reasons. Shoot me an email, or leave a comment of some interesting sites for others to check out. The more content we get pulled together, the more we can collaborate on a smarter objective that focuses on our own individual successes.
Blogs, communities, sites, and their prospective rss feeds give each of us our own unique resource to gain inspiration, insight, knowledge, and whatever else fuels what you find interesting.  The headquarters site, the little known woodshed for my meager attempt at this idea, shows a very basic attempt at this. It is generalized of course. However rss feed readers are common things these days. Things such as Google reader are a prime example. Twitter is another example; however, I find it is often filled with self-promotion more than useful information. Blogs use rss feeds, just take a look at the left hand margin of this site for example. Now I must digress back to my point.

If you’re interest lie in art, music, engineering, stocks, business, real estate, law, automotive, entertainment, food, style, medical, or whatever it is… Please feel free to share some insight with me.  Even just a couple of basic websites you find helpful.  For those who would like to say this is a waste of time due to www.delicious.com/ you would be pseudo correct. Except the simple fact that many people still don’t use social bookmarking sites. Furthermore, social bookmarking takes a whole other level of commitment to find the specific information you want. So what to do, what to do?

Well to make it easier, I’ll make one. I need your help though.  I mean I’ll do it on my own if I must… but to be honest the world has so much information, so many hidden gems. Share the wealth of knowledge.  I hear it’s… oh wow... I’m going to say this… delicious...

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf… 
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quick Update

So today I've decided to update the headquarters site. Updates on at the headquarters site include a new look, updated radars, and the Manic Genius Syndrome can be found there. The blog has a new addition, and a social media experiment update part 1. 

Radar Updates: 

Radar C - Top News Covering Stocks and Legal News
*** Have added Corporate Counsel and LegalWeek

Radar D - Men and Women Geared Topics
*** Have added Esquire

The Syndrome:

The blog can now be accessed from the headquarters! It's fully functional just like it is from here!


I've finally put up something on the resources page. I know it's nothing lavish. Simple links to some interesting material. Circuit talk and a small business gem. One day I'll expand, but to be honest, I have no idea what I need to throw up there right now.

Other News:

In other news, I've attempted to expand the social networking aspect of the site through small outlets. They all seem very small right now, and I really don't understand how it can actually bring anything of use. I've networked the blog, started a twitter account so far..  

With twitter and other social media bumps, I'm starting to realize that the manic genius syndrome and affiliated sites are really more fun when I just sit back and do what I want. But like the show dirty jobs, it would be awesome to find out what people would like to discuss. As a manic ranter though, I guess it works better this way. Who knows...

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sit and Ponder

Sitting idly while everything races in your mind, you know this feeling. When you can’t sleep because of all the scenarios are churning in your mind. You keep pressing for the answer, for the key to it all. It consumes you, if only for a moment or so, and if you navigate it correctly you may find it. I’m no stranger to this. It’s a daily reality with me. To be honest, I love it.

I’m curious to what you gained from that video. I know that everyone will have their own takeaway. To me it simply personifies the struggle on the mind. It reinforces that notion that if one is completely consumed, you may find yourself off the grid and engulfed in your own world. Is that really a bad thing? So tell me what you got out of this? How do you relate to the song, not just the video?

In my opinion this is what makes music great. It’s not always the lyrics, but the emotions and thoughts that spin just from the music itself. As a thinker, writer, etc. I love the lyrical content of music. But as a self-expressionist I love instrumental music as well. It actually helps fuel most of writing. Honestly, music fuels ALL of my writing as a whole. What fuels you dear reader?

There are several elements that make up a person’s overall characteristics. Some are hard to see from the outside. But I believe that understanding yourself is the key to all of this, to everything. I sit atop my soapbox peering into the box wondering what fuels everyone else. We all are so different, yet the basic human element tends to be there. Our interpretations of everything are what divide us. Each little sect of the human race chases after something, no one is truly the same, and within those sects are even more paths and defining characteristics. The ego and id battle are still at play. Yet people still search for who they are, throughout their entire lives. Never knowing, never showing where they are actually going. A controlled free fall with only the stability factors we chose. One of my keystones is music. It is an anchor of who I am, it fuels me, it controls my tempo and thought processes. Are you really any different?

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf… 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Resonate Article 1 – The Fall of Music Television and the Rise of Resonate

As many of you know, the days of music on TV are coming to an end. What once housed the music of an entire generation has been turned into a series of reality-based television shows. Although you can enjoy these shows to your heart’s content, the music has all but come and gone. Every channel that once played nonstop music has started to give into the greed of shareholders and fickle viewers, switching their focus to teen dramas and reality shows. This is extremely sad for the long-time music lovers. However, you are in luck.

Without a mainstream music outlet, indie artists are able to get back to the real source of music. The raw, aspiring, soul-filled, party-loving, scene-living artists who grace the cyber highways and call Resonate home are here to bring it back. Our community is filled and growing with artists who do so much more than just perform. They live their music. The sheer emotion of life is captured within it. They don’t just sing about a life they once lived. They actually live it. That is something I can’t say about the majority of musicians from this day and age. The best you’ve never heard of are here for you. Their wares are here for you to enjoy, free of charge.

The greatest thing about the Resonate community isn’t just the music, but its people. It’s a social network. It promotes creativity. User videos, blogs and music are here for your viewing pleasure. The most exciting aspect of this diamond in the rough is that it is as large, as useful and as inspiring as you want it to be. Original programming, original music and original writings give you the look and feel of being in the studio yourself. Videos that take you to the front row of an indie show, inside the making of the music, to finished video shoots. The experience is unique, just like the artists themselves.

In addition to music, the door is wide open for filmmakers as well. Resonate hosts web shows created by popular artists and interactive fans. Videos, including short films, can be submitted by community members. This adds to the unique feel of this media outlet. Creative filmmakers could possibly find their works produced into recurring shows or even a miniseries on the site. The only limit to the uses of Resonate is the one that you set.

Welcome to the new era of digital entertainment. A community based on creativity where real music and real film RESONATE freely. Welcome to the new standard. Explore, enjoy, join and share your passion with Resonate.Tv and the rest of the world.

As Always…Knock Hard…Life is Deaf…

The Manic Genius
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Toe the Line

El Maestro boxing ring 1Image by Serge De Gracia via Flickr

There comes a point in a person’s life where they must toe the line. You can be the most passive person, get perpetually steamrolled with the idea of being content, and start to concede to this notion. Rest assured that even if you accept a bystander role you will have to put your foot down to let your position be known. Others are eager to let the world know what they want. To those that decide to shoot for the stars, I salute you. Toe the line. Anything worth having is worth fighting for...

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t take a night off. Even to those that seem to have success just come to them, that isn’t the case. It’s that drive. It’s that mindset. It’s that urge to not just accept a role, but to go farther. It’s instilled in them, it’s ingrained in them. Success doesn’t come easy. The price is sometimes steep. To roll the dice a person must be a mixture of things that include some variance of these parts: insane, brave, eager, confident, calculating, and consumed. Chew on that and see where you fall.

If it were easy, Rome would still be the center of the world, everyone would be a dot com millionaire and the captain of the football team would really have become the president. Alas, this isn’t always the case. Actually it hardly ever is. I love the fact that people know this and still chose their fates. That’s right, we chose to accept them. Someone could be at the bottom rung constantly but if that person never gives up, they’ve succeeded in inspiring someone around them. We love that kind of inspiration, no matter what the outcome is. If Rocky had lost all those times he was the underdog, you would still be inspired. Rudy never went to the pros, but we still remember his struggle for that one game. We pull inspiration from failure just as much, if not more, from failure.

I believe that the fear of failure is what causes so many from ever trying anything. I wish that wasn’t the case, but at the same time I’m happy it is. See if everyone else had that kind of conviction I wouldn’t feel like I’m all alone on my soapbox. Then I realize that since so many decide not to, I get to stand on the soapbox all alone. It makes the struggle a bit more enjoyable knowing that at least I’m trying and others are just too lazy to give it a go. The more chances I get when the competition is light.

I’m sorry but if you still haven’t seen the video, or want to see it again, you have to check it out… again if need be… I want everyone that reads this to be successful… It doesn’t have to be monetary, I just want to know that someone somewhere realizes that this world isn’t fair, but that is no reason to quit. I know some of you are quite literally taking the world on. Some have been and currently are outside of what they were so familiar with. How does it feel? It’s a flood of emotions isn’t it? Exciting, lonely, fun, scary and whatever adjective you’d like to add in right??? The learning experiences occurred from leaving your comfort zone is tremendous! Tis a shame many people never get to experience that… by choice nonetheless...

The history and discovery channel are awesome… just not as awesome as actually doing some of those things. As we trek through our own personal journeys I hope you take the time to remember where you started, where you’ve been, where you are at, and where it is you are going… It’s never the same and it makes for one hell of a ride!

Just a random thought…

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…
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