Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quick Update

So today I've decided to update the headquarters site. Updates on at the headquarters site include a new look, updated radars, and the Manic Genius Syndrome can be found there. The blog has a new addition, and a social media experiment update part 1. 

Radar Updates: 

Radar C - Top News Covering Stocks and Legal News
*** Have added Corporate Counsel and LegalWeek

Radar D - Men and Women Geared Topics
*** Have added Esquire

The Syndrome:

The blog can now be accessed from the headquarters! It's fully functional just like it is from here!


I've finally put up something on the resources page. I know it's nothing lavish. Simple links to some interesting material. Circuit talk and a small business gem. One day I'll expand, but to be honest, I have no idea what I need to throw up there right now.

Other News:

In other news, I've attempted to expand the social networking aspect of the site through small outlets. They all seem very small right now, and I really don't understand how it can actually bring anything of use. I've networked the blog, started a twitter account so far..  

With twitter and other social media bumps, I'm starting to realize that the manic genius syndrome and affiliated sites are really more fun when I just sit back and do what I want. But like the show dirty jobs, it would be awesome to find out what people would like to discuss. As a manic ranter though, I guess it works better this way. Who knows...

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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