Friday, December 3, 2010

Resonate Article 1 – The Fall of Music Television and the Rise of Resonate

As many of you know, the days of music on TV are coming to an end. What once housed the music of an entire generation has been turned into a series of reality-based television shows. Although you can enjoy these shows to your heart’s content, the music has all but come and gone. Every channel that once played nonstop music has started to give into the greed of shareholders and fickle viewers, switching their focus to teen dramas and reality shows. This is extremely sad for the long-time music lovers. However, you are in luck.

Without a mainstream music outlet, indie artists are able to get back to the real source of music. The raw, aspiring, soul-filled, party-loving, scene-living artists who grace the cyber highways and call Resonate home are here to bring it back. Our community is filled and growing with artists who do so much more than just perform. They live their music. The sheer emotion of life is captured within it. They don’t just sing about a life they once lived. They actually live it. That is something I can’t say about the majority of musicians from this day and age. The best you’ve never heard of are here for you. Their wares are here for you to enjoy, free of charge.

The greatest thing about the Resonate community isn’t just the music, but its people. It’s a social network. It promotes creativity. User videos, blogs and music are here for your viewing pleasure. The most exciting aspect of this diamond in the rough is that it is as large, as useful and as inspiring as you want it to be. Original programming, original music and original writings give you the look and feel of being in the studio yourself. Videos that take you to the front row of an indie show, inside the making of the music, to finished video shoots. The experience is unique, just like the artists themselves.

In addition to music, the door is wide open for filmmakers as well. Resonate hosts web shows created by popular artists and interactive fans. Videos, including short films, can be submitted by community members. This adds to the unique feel of this media outlet. Creative filmmakers could possibly find their works produced into recurring shows or even a miniseries on the site. The only limit to the uses of Resonate is the one that you set.

Welcome to the new era of digital entertainment. A community based on creativity where real music and real film RESONATE freely. Welcome to the new standard. Explore, enjoy, join and share your passion with Resonate.Tv and the rest of the world.

As Always…Knock Hard…Life is Deaf…

The Manic Genius
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