Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sit and Ponder

Sitting idly while everything races in your mind, you know this feeling. When you can’t sleep because of all the scenarios are churning in your mind. You keep pressing for the answer, for the key to it all. It consumes you, if only for a moment or so, and if you navigate it correctly you may find it. I’m no stranger to this. It’s a daily reality with me. To be honest, I love it.

I’m curious to what you gained from that video. I know that everyone will have their own takeaway. To me it simply personifies the struggle on the mind. It reinforces that notion that if one is completely consumed, you may find yourself off the grid and engulfed in your own world. Is that really a bad thing? So tell me what you got out of this? How do you relate to the song, not just the video?

In my opinion this is what makes music great. It’s not always the lyrics, but the emotions and thoughts that spin just from the music itself. As a thinker, writer, etc. I love the lyrical content of music. But as a self-expressionist I love instrumental music as well. It actually helps fuel most of writing. Honestly, music fuels ALL of my writing as a whole. What fuels you dear reader?

There are several elements that make up a person’s overall characteristics. Some are hard to see from the outside. But I believe that understanding yourself is the key to all of this, to everything. I sit atop my soapbox peering into the box wondering what fuels everyone else. We all are so different, yet the basic human element tends to be there. Our interpretations of everything are what divide us. Each little sect of the human race chases after something, no one is truly the same, and within those sects are even more paths and defining characteristics. The ego and id battle are still at play. Yet people still search for who they are, throughout their entire lives. Never knowing, never showing where they are actually going. A controlled free fall with only the stability factors we chose. One of my keystones is music. It is an anchor of who I am, it fuels me, it controls my tempo and thought processes. Are you really any different?

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf… 

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