Thursday, February 3, 2011

Okay Let's Talk

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A few things are on my mind as of late. I've had a ton on my plate recently and am happy to say that things seem to be settling down now somewhat. With that being said, it seems more apparent now than ever before, that sanity or the lack of has taken complete control. 

For starters people love to put others down. Elitism of the nth degree, which I seem to suffer from as well, has reared its ugly head once again. I can’t tolerate those who see it a necessary task to belittle someone for no other reason than to stroke his or her ego. Educational elitism is the topic I’d like to discuss real quick.
Colleges are like a rash (they are everywhere), and those that buy into the hype that their institution always has, is, and will be the best program in the world are sadly mistaken. I’m sure the best CEO’s all went to Ivy League colleges’ right? Wrong! They are highly recognized institutions of learning, but the standard in which attending merely grants the graduate infinite wisdom is erroneous. The same goes in engineering (MIT and Georgia Tech), music (Berkley and MI), law or medical (Harvard) and the list goes on… I’m sure you get my point. For a baseline remember that JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs… fun stuff right? Bright leaders, great pedigrees, highly touted credentials, and still epic failure.  

What really matters is what the person can actually do. I’m amazed that the hiring process in many technical fields comes from an extremely simple test, or just verbally. Performance and achievements speak bounds. What really matters comes to the unseen, character driven qualities a person brings to the table. It takes passion for the field a person is in, the integrity to do what is right, and enough common sense to not do something tragically retarded like get greedy or sloppy.  It’s a lifelong endeavor and it defines the person you really are.

So when people decided to jump on students at a particular college and mock their attempt to pursue their dreams, I’m compelled to get offended for that person. It takes a certain drive to learn something, and there are several different ways to do just that. Some people learn from academia through the traditional process of scouring countless pages till their eyes bleed. Others learn more from the hands on approach. Well welcome to the difference of tech schools and colleges. Both produce intelligent people; however, the best is up to the candidate.

People have their own paths, views, strengths, and weaknesses. Financial reasons often dictate a person’s choice of school, but those reasons have nothing to do on their abilities. The typical sports fan approach of school greatness is based on fandom, and shouldn’t hold much more power than that. To belittle someone’s goals, no matter how lofty, is merely a foolhardy closed mindlessness that shows poor self-control and profound soft skill incompetence. That should be enough for me to let this obscure offender to wallow in disgust, but I’m just not that big of a man. The greatest thing to come from it is an often unseen catalyst that will hopefully propel the insulted person to do more than the insulter.

I’ll end this rant here for now. I hope you all share my views on this. If you don’t, that really sucks for you. Education is individual, personal, and lifelong. Never make it personal (in a negative nature) or you will find yourself staring down a five finger death punch. 

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…
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