Monday, February 28, 2011

One Thing Is Certain

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One thing is certain. You can never be certain about your certainty. We act. One can ponder all day or make an impulsive decision, either way one must act. For action is all that we have. Even if you chose not to act, you have made an action. Nobody is truly certain that their choice is the correct one. You will undoubtedly doubt yourself. Thus is the paradox of life.

Life is chaotic. Life is simple. Life is sweet. Life is a fickle mistress. It can be coddled, cosseted, and protected only to miss the point. Life is to be lived. The roads are never easy. Life is dark. Life is scary. Life is uncertain. The paths we find ourselves on are never set stone. The choices and our actions are truly our own. Your life is yours. You navigate the way you see fit.

Everyone has to walk this road on their own. We amass a following, love of another, we bond relationships with people along the way. This is what weaves such an intricate story into each of our lives. For they are all unique, rich of information many never get to know. The ideas, thoughts, experiences, and emotions that forge the fiber of our being are the things that propel us down this path.

Where we end up is unknown. The effect we have is unknown. Don’t lose sight of what really matters. As we go racing toward our goals we inevitably miss portions of what we can never have again. Time.
Just a caution as I find myself all too often caught up in the frantic pace of my own mind. Never taking the time to enjoy the moment, always contemplating what I have no real control over at that particular moment, missing out on time that I can never recreate or regain.

Still… keep focused, just be more aware. I really need to heed some of my own ranting inspired advice. Self-realization is a fleeting thing though. A brief moment of clarity, then it’s make to the all to consuming madness of it all. Ha!      

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…
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