Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Time

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What entices people so much about the Super Bowl? Is it the chess match of strategy between the defense and offense? Is it the spectacular plays or hard hits? Perhaps it’s the struggle of the players themselves. There are plenty of stories generated during Super Week. The heart and soul of entire cities meet for a clash of the titans. Redemption of a quarterback and the true rise of a certain star are set to unfold. A certain pride is put into the fandom. Steelworkers throughout Pittsburg are clamoring for another championship. The Packers have a fandom deeply rooted throughout the citizens of Green Bay. Speed, strength, strategy, and a little luck will dictate the end. Football is chess match my friends. It’s not just guys playing a game out there. It is a mental war played out by each sides cast of characters. A strong running game, spectacular passing attach, strong defensives, and wily cornerbacks will have to work in unison to pull off what is sure to be a widely watched event.  

With the impeding disagreement between the players union and the NFL owners, this could be the last game we will get to see for quite a while. I believe both sides will come to an agreement before the beginning of the next season, as it would be foolish to leave money sitting when nobody is watching, and football will resume. This impending doom and gloom however serves a great backdrop for soaring ratings during this Super Bowl. Just think about the staggering numbers and money made from sells from television ads and sponsors.

Football is a business founded on a deeply enjoyed game. Entertainment is great business and the stories that accompany them are real. We can relate to the drama both on and off the field. The drama on the field is what sells the most. It is what the NFL sells. Blowouts don’t keep the seats filled, but then again once the tickets are sold does it really matter? Drugs, crime, sex, alcohol, injury and other problems seem to follow players. This makes the players lovable or despised, but either way you can relate in some form or fashion.

Unique fact about current football: 40% of NFL fans are now women. That’s right, women. Which means football night is now enjoyed by everyone! Awesome right? Yes it is! Especially for the business end of the NFL. Which points to why there should be no fretting over if there will be football next year. If you find yourself wondering what it could be like though, watch the movie The Replacements. It’s not great, but proves the point that it may not be the same people but the drama of football will still live on.

Now enjoy the game, the entertainment, and remember that greed may cause some of the distractions but will also serve why it is guaranteed to resume next year. So grab some pizza, some snacks, a couple of drinks, and prepare for a showdown between these two teams on the sports grandest stage. Let’s hope the commercials are good as well.

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