Sunday, February 6, 2011

This World Makes No Sense

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That’s right, and you know it. Life has its moments of grand clarity, blurry doses, trembling excitement, and dismal accords that mix together oh so well. This mixture, this human concoction, is where we live. The highs and lows of life are normal. There is no soma holiday; there is no everlasting state of suspended grace. If this was true, it would never feel real. It would feel like a dream, which means that your brain is stuck in a delta wave pattern. You would be sleeping, never awake nor alert enough to notice the subtle changes going on around you. Dreams are great, but alas they are not real.

You know the joke about someone pinching you to make sure you’re not dreaming; both from a too good to be true dream or a freaking heart racing nightmare? Well I’ve been pinching for a while now, and it seems all too clear that I’m not dreaming. Things are often scary, tough, and make no sense. It feels as if I must be dreaming, but I know otherwise. It hurts when I pinch, I can feel it. Just as I can feel the disgust, the anxiety, the happiness from trivial gains, and the anger at even more trivial losses.

Politics and business go hand in hand. So does marketing, friendships, organizations (even the nonprofits), social issues, and just about anything else one could imagine. The often thought separation from work and personal life only exist in one’s mind. Everywhere you turn is a ticking time bomb. Driving down the road you have to worry about the mental state of the other drivers. We even give TV shows to degenerate losers, people who make horrible decisions, those that chase the coattails of the social elite, and even those who spend their husband’s money. Where is the character in that? We send all the wrong messages to people, and then wonder why in the hell we are in the predicament that we currently find ourselves in.

I have some quick questions for you. Is it more important to gain social standing or an education? Are trends a way of life? Is it acceptable to live off the system? Is tolerance a choice? Why do political parties hold the keys to government offices? Why do we laugh at those you run independent? Why does rent cost more than owning a house? Is profiling wrong? Are stereotypes unfair because of the negative light or the fact that they are often times true?

I shall stop there. This provides sufficient fuel to start the cogs to turn and points of view to burn. The haves and have nots are what it boils down too. The only commonality I ever see these days is greed. I’m really no different, but at least I realize this. I’ve been called an idealist, as if that is a bad thing, but I suppose it’s true. I’m just curious as how you make sense of the world. Are you willing to stereotype yourself or admit that it’s a complex problem compounded by the natural enemies of the human condition. I see greed, personal integrity issues, and tongue in cheek necessity these days. Play one against another or keep them just happy enough to play ball.

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…
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