Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Resonate Article 2 - The Driving Force

What drives you to create what you do? It’s a simple question really. Still, it is a question that people have a hard time answering. A person’s art, be it writing, drawing, video or music, captures more than anyone can truly understand. Of course, it displays the obvious emotion of its creator, or the imposing of the creator’s will upon his or her audience. However, the interpretation of the creation by the audience is where the magic happens.

Everything speaks, even if you don’t care for it. There are underlying tones, social tie-ins, statement pieces, the dramatic rise and fall, tempo variations, visual stimulation - the list goes on and on. Each media type has its own limitations or advantages, and the medium chosen often lends a little insight into its creator’s persona.

Words on paper, text on screen and typography that embeds itself in the mind are simple examples of how an idea can imprint itself upon its audience. A temporary or lasting effect can be developed from one simple creation or masterful work of art. An idea can be transferred, either subconsciously or openly, allowing one work to inspire or provoke a chain reaction of more creation.

The lyrics of a song, the flow of a melody, subtle changes or harsh breakdowns all serve their own purpose in music. Of course, we already know that interpretation can convey much more than the lyrical content implies. The line from Sketch on Glass song “Breaking”—“Just because I’m found doesn’t mean I’m not lost as hell… But the show must go on… Even though I’m gone…” can mean so many things to different people. It all plays on where that person has been in his own life, and where he currently sees himself. I personally give props to Sketch on Glass, as I find this to be a great lyric to get the listener to reflect. The emotion is obviously there from the singer’s perception, but the listener’s takeaway can be astronomically more personal. Thus does the song become a staple; a connection is made almost instantly. It is nothing more than one segment of a song, but that segment is where a connection is forged and a fan is made.

In video, we have a great range to play with. The eyes are visually stimulated, allowing the mind to connect instantly with what is seen, not just mentally perceived. This allows for gripping images to take hold. Emotional scenes can bring tears in the viewer’s eyes. Tension can be sensed, seen and felt. Fear, love, hate, greed and every other human emotion can be brought to light from the contents held in each frame. It could be nothing more than words, music, pictures or a combination of these that allows the filmmaker to get his or her point across. Video is the ultimate playground for those who want to pass on an immediate message, story or point.

Simple to complex, all art media have their ways of communicating with people. That point has been driven home thoroughly by now. As the creators, we express ourselves and, as an added bonus, influence others by our works as well. Therefore, creation inspires creation.

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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