Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We often find ourselves when we are most lost.

This has happened and will happen again. The road we find ourselves on gets chaotic as we often find ourselves navigating without an accurate map. The GPS is busted and we find out that the atlas is outdated. We just navigate the best that we can.

People look to the stars, never willing stop their launch toward their goals. Others put their direction in the hands of another. The journey is never easy and the obstacles are never clear until it is too late. We learn from the wrong turns and dead ends we find ourselves at. At every intersection we learn more about where we are heading. Knowledge gained from all the intersections we’ve already crossed.

Dirt roads, dark alleys, crowded highways, narrow bridges, and the rapid fire autobahns are where we find ourselves. Always driving at our own pace just trying to get where we think we want to be. At times we either find ourselves jockeying for position in the corporate ladder, steadily cruising comfortably through your personal life, or even taking that casual Sunday drive into freedom. This life varies, it is unpredictable, never certain, and is most certainly a journey that can never be repeated.

So when life’s problems seem to rush at you with gale force speed, or creeps up like a flood of self-doubt, it is important to remember your still at the wheel. You’re at the helm of the ship. The challenges are never the same, and you may find yourself lost. The eye of a storm is generally calm. In the midst of chaos is peace. When you think we’re completely lost, you’re actually that much closer to being found.

It doesn’t always seem to be the case. Just be honest with yourself and you will find what your questioning is actually right there in front of you. Goals change. Don’t approach life completely goal oriented. A process approach is more valuable, as it takes into account the challenges and every changing landscape that your life is built upon.

This is nothing more than a random thought. In which whose weight is determined in time and reason.

As Always… Knock Hard… Life is Deaf…


  1. Couldn't agree with you more. Feeling lost leads to finding yourself. I don't want to elaborate, but it has happened in my life.

    I like that - "knock hard, life is deaf." Haha! That's why the school of hard knocks is the best place to prep for life.

  2. Love your writing style.
    Have to agree with you. After all, this is how I found my own way in life. I prefer to think that everything that happens has a good side to it, no matter how bad. It's finding out the truth, understanding self, getting stronger, and so on. We have to learn how to navigate the world where anything can happen and those hard lessons help us do that.

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  3. @ AJ - Thanks! Yep, I'm working on my Doctorate it seems!

    @ Armada - Exactly and thank you for the compliment!