Friday, April 1, 2011

A Quick Look Around

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I want to say thanks to all who stop by. I've been fortunate lately in the fact that several great bloggers have become followers! I'd like to recommend checking their works out as well. This post is going to be quick and informal. SO here it goes.

This site actually covers all of my varying interest. I LOVE engineering (electrical in particular). I'm also keen on business, software, writing, and music. My posts cover my views and I try to be as motivating in my own particular way.

In the left hand column (toward the bottom) you'll find a link list of useful links. That's right, useful. Coupons, law, real estate, business, free books, etc.

The Manic Search Tool will scour the earth looking for you entry.

Deliciously Manic Resources... well it's the MGS spin on social bookmarking.

HQ is my extremely limited attempt of playing with googlesites and setting up RSS radars.

Also feel free to follow me on twitter @!/ManicGenius

Okay so in short, browse the site and see how it can/could fit your needs. I'm wanting to build an actual resource of information for people. Useful information. Share ideas and create a place for ideas and growth. There are no ads, no income generated. I do this because I enjoy researching stuff, writing, and learning as much as I can.

Check out some of my top post to get a feel on what I'm about. So that's that. The quickest blog post of my life. WELCOME to MY WORLD! Feel free to share.

As Always... Knock Hard... Life is Deaf...

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