Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rocket Boy

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I'm just a man with big dreams of innovation. Dreams of doing more than just sliding by. Like most this journey was started with a rocket strapped to my back and no destination in sight. The world seemed so big before I took flight. As I gained altitude and momentum, I began to realize that the world wasn't so large. As things kept gaining speed I never noticed when is started to fall. Falling back into reality.

As I continued to go, I continued to grow from a wonderlust boy to an expericend man. I got to see the stars and perilous rock bottom. The struggle to maintain altitude is more than just one's struggle to control one's attitude. It takes more than determination, education, and a solid foundation.

It takes experience to gain foresight. A wisdom learned through observation. Observation of those around you, not just from your own experiences. Seeing all options and applying all viewpoints before taking action.
It takes self control. Knowing what to say, when to say it, and when to be mute for the better good. To know when your wrong, admitting to it, and not gloating when you happen to be right. To do what is truly the right thing to do, not right for the wrong reasons or a quick fix made in haste.

It takes people. Like a space flight, a crew is needed to maintain and navigate the unknown. You must lean on others from time to time, return the favor, inspire to be inspired, and challenged to be better.

This seems to be about one person. Yourself. It takes time to realize that your trajectory is influenced by others. A game we all hate to admit to playing. To make anything, to be anybody you must realize you're not alone.

The boy that took flight years ago, is still there. Time, that constant companion, isn't always fair to one's ambitions. With that being said, the hourglass never runs out. It just needs to be turned back over.
We may lose sight of where we thought we were heading, but the trip isn't over. It's never to late to correct the course. To regain the heading, and eventually you'll reach your destination.

As Always... Knock Hard... Life Is Deaf...
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  1. It sounds as if you're talking about a false start or two.