Welcome to Base Camp. This is the headquarters for the Manic Genius Process. Please excuse the mess for the time being as the site is still under development. Mission Control "Radars" are online, and will expand to provide the best content available.

Manic Genius: Headquarters


Mission Control "Radars" -> RSS Feeds

These "Radars" provide RSS feeds and articles different areas.

  • Radar A - Manic Genius Blog, OwEntrepreneur, Freebies2Deals, Engadget

  • Radar B - Top News Stories from CNN, ESPN, TheStreet Finanace, E!

  • Radar C - Finance and Law from TheStreet.com and Law.com

  • Radar D - Articles for Men (GQ and Mens Fitness) and Womean (Cosmo and Glamour)

The Vault -> Under Construction

  • File Storage and Sharing....

Stop by and check it out. It's growing.